Lotus Trolly Bags REVIEW

If you like food shopping and doing good for the planet  the Lotus Trolley Bag system is for you. With 2 successful appearances on 'Good Morning America' under their  belts, slated for more shows in the Fall, Lotus Trolley Bag is on pace to eliminating  millions of single-use plastic bags from distribution across the US.
What is the Lotus Trolley Bag you ask.....simply the ONLY bagging system your ever going to need for all your grocery shopping. It is a 4 bag set. Makes packing and unpack groceries, while staying totally organized and reducing needless plastic waste.    I love that along with the Trolley Bags the company offers Produce bag sets as well  Farzan Dehmoubed, co-founder of Lotus Trolley Bag, “Produce bags are usually ignored, but more retailers are seeing the value to the environment and their bottom line by investing in reusable, washable, and eco-friendly produce bags.”

Currently, Lotus Trolley and Produce Bags are available on-line HERE and in more than 2,500 different stores in the U.S. including Albertsons, Vons, Acme, Jewel and Safeway. Lotus Trolley Bag also donates 1% of all sales to 1% For The Planet, Plastic Pollution Coalition and Surfrider Foundation.

the bags hang on your cart as you shop
multiple size produce bags for many different foods

insulated bag keeps freezer items cold for  ride home.

A great personal touch...nothing like making some
one do a little dance.

After each shopping trip the bags fit nicely back together, so you're ready for the next trip to the grocery store.
The average American family uses 1,500 plastic bags per year for an average of 12 minutes. And by 2050, researchers found there will be more plastic by weight in the ocean than fish MINDBLOWING!! Making a simple change like to this bagging system is encouragement towards change.

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