May the 4th be with you x

Monday 4th May 2020 
Do or do not - there is no try.

I love Yoda and May the 4th is my favourite day of the year, I wonder if mom would watch all the films one after the next (I know the answer to that before I ask lol) 

Okay so in true WW style, I'm drawing another line this morning, after a weekend that included a bag of sweets and wine, I had a day of carbs yesterday, the delicious lentil spaghetti carbonara from the WW recipe I posted yesterday, then mom and I had a chip butty for tea, so it was full on carbs all round.  Paid the price on the scales, oh I'm going back to Monday weigh-ins they work for me psychologically as if I get weighed on Friday and have a bad weekend, I keep going till the following Friday so I'm never going to have a good day that way, at least if I weigh and start my week on Monday's I tend to have some good days.  The scales were trying to tell me I'd gained 1/2lb this morning so I decided to do what's totally allowable in these lockdown days, I got of them and got naked, for the foreseeable future I will be weighing naked on a Monday morning, so I've maintained, I'm 13st - at least 1.5 stone heavier than I'd like to be but in myself I feel really good so that's the most important.  I've worked a lot the last few days and that's really helped me too.  It's got my brain working in different ways.  I enjoy computer work and I've a lot of time doing that, I still have more to do but a few hours here and there is the plan as I'm still working on keeping that work/life balance which keeps mom happy as well as me.

Now I have nearly a full tub of half fat creme fraiche which I bought to make the carbonara, not realising I only needed a bit and it's a huge tub - DOH.  It's 1SP per tablespoon so do I look for a recipe or just get rid, decisions, decisions, if you have any ideas, let me know. 

Okay so it's Star Wars day, let's use it to follow Yoda's advice and track 100% honestly and really think about what we're having, no grabbing today.    We've got this!  One day, we're just going to focus on the day ahead, not tomorrow, not Wednesday and sure as hell not the weekend.  Just the day ahead between now and when we go to bed.  That sounds totally doable doesn't it.  Yeah, we'll do that.

Then for the week ahead, the #WWRefreshChallenge this week is (ahhh the dreaded - those are only my words not WW as a whole) Fitness.  Probably my least favourite of all of the things we cover in a workshop, especially whilst in Lockdown, I'm struggling to get Alfie to walk let alone go further than the green.  I'm going to come at it from a positive though, think about what I can do that will actually help and is totally doable for me, some of you will find this a piece of cake.  

1) I can continue to do my yoga each morning, that one at least is enjoyable, working for me and doable now, it's been over two weeks so I know I can work it in.  

2) & 3)  I just don't want to write anything I know I won't do, I want to put something that I know 100% I'm going to do.  Does planting some seeds in the garden count as one?  Then I can promise to do more housework and dance about whilst doing it.  That's all movement and it'll have to do right now because I'm not committing to more. 

The Virtual Workshops this week are exploring the impact of activity on your mood and longer term happiness, so maybe that will inspire and motivate me to think about this a little more, I haven't looked at it yet, I'm going to try and get on as a member this morning, if I can delay Alfie's walk until then, I can combine the two and it won't affect mom, we'll see.  Although he's stood dogging me already, so maybe not! 

I'm going to go sort my online shop for tomorrow, tweak the basket, decide on what I plan to eat this week, but again, that will have to wait half hour because Alfie really is hounding me now, he hasn't done that for a while so I'm gonna go and walk my dog.  That can actually be one of my fitness goals, walking my dog, I know I already do it but hey, keeping it real and honest.

Here's to a very great week, to tracking the day ahead, making better choices and doing our best.  

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx