Play, Read, Dream Big With Mastermind Toys

Our family was introduced to Mastermind Toys several years ago through the online store, and it was only within the past few years that weve been lucky enough to have a Mastermind Toys store here in Regina! Id have to say we still visit both equally. However, when shopping for birthday gifts or just a random day off with the girls, Mastermind Toys makes a great stop because of the in-store experience. Did you know that Mastermind Toys offers free gift wrapping year round on all in-store purchases? That alone makes my birthday party shopping so much easier.

Recently, Mastermind Toys sent my girls an amazing Christmas surprise a box of gifts chosen by their team specific for their age range (8 year old and 12 year old). They even gift-wrapped each item, and the girls opened them this past weekend we shared it on Instagram stories, and Ive archived it here so you can see it!

The Mastermind Toys Play, Read Dream Big Holiday Gift Guide 2019 is available online and through a print catalog as well. The online experience is awesome, with users being able to browse and select gifts arranged by age, interest, or popular with boys or girls. You can also add a budget range to the search criteria which this frugal mom loves!

Heres a list of everything that was in our amazing holiday gift from Mastermind Toys, with details from my daughters highlighted explaining what makes it so special:

Creativity for Kids Magical Pom Pom Keychains ($19.99): Unicorn, fox, sloth and more! Create 5 no-sew, no-mess keychains using simple pom pom techniques and add-on accessories. Complete set includes colourful yarn, pom pom maker, holographic bodies, beads, satin cord, keychains, glue, wiggly eyes, glitter accessories, scissors and more. Tactile and comforting, clip these unique made by me accessories onto your purse, backpack, lunch bag or key chain. I love anything thats a pom pom and with this kit, you can make them for your friends too so thats cool! Everleigh (8)

GUND Purple Plusheenicorn with Sound ($19.99): GUND is proud to present Pusheen a cat that loves cuddles, snacks, and dress-up. This majestic purple 7.5 Pusheenicorn spreads joy wherever she goes with her shimmering horn leading the way! I love Pusheen and have a poster in my room and I love unicorns and now this isjust epic. Everleigh (8)

Nee-Doh Ball: The Groovy Glob ($4.99): This stress ball will help you mellow out! Feeling stressed? Then you knead Nee-Doh! Grab a glob and give a squeeze. The experience will blow your mind, soothe your soul, and have you feeling groovy in no time! Stress ball, yes! I love these, these are great stocking stuffers or gifts for my friends too, but Im keeping mine Nevaeh (12)

Sea & Do DIY Light Up Ship in a Bottle Mastermind Toys Exclusive ($29.99): Assemble and customize a light-up ship in the bottle to display on your wall or desk! Slot in your scene, arrange the fairy lights, and slot everything together like a puzzle. Truly unique! I really cant wait to do this one, coming up this week on Instagram stories, k mom? Everleigh (8)

Kids Darts Safety Tip Dart Board Mastermind Toys Exclusive ($24.99): This dart game provides entertainment for the whole family! The board can be hung on any wall without fear of damaging it. The darts feature a special safety-tip that ensures a hole-free wall, and no fear of injuries. I love this and its the first toy we set up and played with from our delivery. Its in our basement rec room and its awesome, Im so happy we got it! Nevaeh (12)

Fujifilm Instax ($99.99): Lets hear it for instant gratification: this fun camera develops photos right before your eyes! Perfect selfies are super-simple with a new macro lens adapter for close-ups, and a new mirror right beside the lens to help you frame it just right and practice your smile. PLUS: its got automatic exposure measurement that helps you select the right aperture setting for perfect pics every time. Even comes with a bonus 10-pack of white-border film! THIS WAS ON MY BIRTHDAY LIST AND CHRISTMAS LIST AND IM SO EXCITED TO FINALLY HAVE ONE! Nevaeh (12)

Ty Beanie Boos Medium Dreamy the Sloth ($9.99): Dreamy is an adorable sloth with lovely pink ombr fur and sparkly pink feet. The Ty Beanie Boos are a collection of uniquely adorable critters that kids cant get enough of, and looking at this loveable plush, its obvious why! This sweet, super wide-eyed animal friend may just be the absolute cutest plush you have ever owned! I love sloths, and my sister loves unicorns so this guy is all mine. Nevaeh (12)

Zig Zag Sewing Machine Mastermind Toys Exclusive ($39.99): Battery operated sewing machine for kids! It comes pre-threaded so kids can begin sewing right away. With a safety guard around the needle and simplified settings, this sewing machine is perfect for beginner tailors! The kit includes everything you need to sew like a pro, from measuring your fabric to threading the bobbin. Change between 7 different stitch modes and use the foot pedal to engage, just like a real sewing machine! Ive never even tried a sewing machine before, this is going to be interesting! Nevaeh (12)

Klutz Sew Your Own Furry Llama Pillow ($28.99): Stitch and stuff a furry friend with a touch a personality! Everything you need is included in this kit including super soft faux fur and beautiful pre-cut patterns. Give your llama extra drama by customizing its expression and adding a variety of trendy accessories to complete the look. With this activity kit youll have a super fluffy, furry pet llama in no time. Its SEW llamazing! Comes With: Precut faux fur, 2 colors of perle cotton thread, black embroidery floss, white embroidery floss, 6 colors of felt, yarn, stuffing, 2 sewing needles with holder, traceable patterns, precut fabric backing, 8 pom-poms in 2 colors, 14 sequins in 3 colors. OK now Im going to be sewing all the things! This is cool though, I can maybe take this along on our road trip and work on it there too. Nevaeh (12)

White Bird by R.J. Palacio ($31.99): Inspired by her blockbuster phenomenon Wonder, R. J. Palacio makes her graphic novel debut with an unforgettable story of the power of kindness and unrelenting courage in a time of war. I was captivated by White Bird. It tells the hardest truths with honesty and calm (so that young readers can hear them). R.J. Palacio brings to life the nature of heroism and the real risks we face today. Meg Medina, Newbery award-winning author of Mercy Suarez Changes Gears. I loved Wonder so I just know this is going to be great! Nevaeh (12)

Pizza Slice Snow Tube Mastermind Toys Exclusive ($34.99): Taking an entire pizza down a snowy hill sounds like a good idea, but is much harder in practice. Instead, take this giant inflatable slice with youyou can even take it for a ride! Its approximately 4-feet long and great for snow days or winter vacations. Simply inflate it, find a snowy hill, then grab the comfort grip handles and take off. The thick, durable construction is great for sledders of all ages. This is the BEST! I cant wait to use it! Everleigh (8)

Moustache You a Question Mastermind Toys Exclusive ($34.99) Pop on a pair of stache specs and answer trivia questions to win extra pieces as you battle to grow the longest moustache! Be warned though you might stumble across a close shave card and risk having to give pieces of your stache to another player! This looks fun but when we opened it to play, we found out you need 4 players minimum so well have to wait to play it another time. Nevaeh (12)

Centrix Mastermind Toys Exclusive ($39.99): Centrix is a fun, friendly and frantic multi-level three dimensional family game. Use card combinations to rotate rings and climb your pawns to the top. Skillfully unlock the best route up the ever changing game board. Use strategy and tactics to jump over as many pawns as you can and be sure not to get bumped as you race to the top. I thought the game would be hard but its ages 8+ and its easy to learn, actually. Everleigh (8)

iDance Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones ($71.99): This party machine has a built-in LED lightshow and small speaker that brings the BIG SOUND! You can playback those essential tunes three ways: via Bluetooth, connected to a device via USB, or via AUX cable it can even tune in your favourite radio station. Includes two mics: one wired with an integrated mixer; and one wireless to allow for dance breaks! Were so excited to have this machine, especially because it has 2 microphones and we wont have to fight over it! Everleigh (8)

Incredible, right? Were so so thankful to Mastermind Toys for sharing all these great toys, activities and books with us. As a mom, my immediate favorite was actually the Kids Darts Safety Tip Dart Board because we have a new game-room in our basement and this fit the theme perfectly. While you could put it on a tabletop setting it made more sense for us to put it on the wall. The safety-tip darts leave me with no concern of injuries and the girls are happily competing with each other as we speak AND using their math skills to keep score on a notepad nearby. I also love the iDance Karaoke Machine because I know it will give us countless hours of entertainment. To be honest, everything is awesome and I know the crafts, games and book too will keep them busy throughout the holidays and the winter.

Mastermind Toys has been in business for 35 years and is Canadas largest specialty toy and childrens books retailer with 69 locations across 8 provinces! Unsure what to get? A Mastermind Toys Gift Card is always a great gift idea!

To help with your holiday shopping, Mastermind Toys has set aside a $50 Gift Card for a lucky reader! To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then just leave a comment on this post telling me which item we featured above interests YOU the most and why!