Review: Mario Golf - Strait-Laced Fun On The Fairway

Review: Mario Golf - Strait-Laced Fun On The Fairway

Mario hits the links.

This review originally went live in 2008, and we're updating and republishing it to mark the game's arrival on Switch as part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack.

After Mario's forays into non-platforming genres — you know, the Karting, the Picross-ing, the Dr. — Nintendo realised something: put Mario in a game and it sells by the bucketload. Soon Mario and co. began starring in sports games of different types. In the years that followed he took up baseball, soccer and even Dance Dance Revolution. His very first headlining foray in the world of sport came with Mario's Tennis on the Virtual Boy, though — an inauspicious start thanks to the commercial failure of that console. Undeterred, Nintendo threw the plumber a golf bag and shoved him out on the fairway in a game which took approximately two seconds to think up a title for.

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