Stop Cleaning Up Pine Needles and Try an Artificial Christmas Tree This Year

When it comes to picking out a Christmas tree, there was a time when choosing an artificial option felt tacky rather than something you buy to make your home sparkle with Christmas cheer. Luckily, those days are over. In 2019, artificial Christmas trees are hard to differentiate from their genuine counterparts, and they actually boast a number of benefits, making them an increasingly popular option in many households.

One major advantage to an artificial Christmas tree is that they lasts for years and years while a real tree is done in just one. Plus, artificial trees are easily stored in the loft and don’t create the post-Christmas pine needle mess ready to prick your feet. There’s also an environmental aspect for many people. Most people believe the practice of cutting down trees every year isn’t environmentally friendly. Although, of course, non-recyclable, plastic-based options have their drawbacks, too. 

If this is the year you decide it’s time to give an artificial tree a try, check out the 12 best artificial Christmas tree options. Each one offers something different and unique, whether you’re looking for the tallest option, one that can fit in a small space or even one with all the bells and whistles (I.e. animated moving toys which can sing and dance). Take a scroll through these festive options and find the best (fake) Christmas tree for you.
1. Best Choice Products Spruce Christmas Tree

At seven and a half feet tall, the Best Choice Products Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree is ideal as the focal point of your living room this Christmas. The traditional design ticks all the right boxes and will serve as your tree of choice for years to come.

The easy-to-fluff branches sport more than 1,300 tips to ensure that the tree looks natural and full bodied, and that also means there’s plenty of space for hanging each and every decoration. You’ll find the tree’s sturdy steel base is balanced enough to prevent any unwanted topples or unnatural wonkiness as it stands. Plus, the tree breaks down into three hinged sections for easy portability and storage throughout the year.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Best Choice Products 7.5ft Spruce Christmas Tree $84.99
   2. Vickerman Carmel Pine Christmas Tree

Having a small living space is not a good excuse for not having a Christmas tree. While you may not be able to fit the world’s largest tree in your living room, you can surely find space for this Vickerman 36-inch Carmel Pine Artificial Christmas Tree. Whether it’s your inner-city flat, holiday home or even a tree for the office, this 36-inch tree will help grow the festive cheer. It sports a burlap base and also includes a number of pine cones in the branches to complete the tree’s natural feel.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Vickerman 36” Carmel Pine Christmas Tree $33.24
   3. U-Miss Eco-Friendly Aspen Fir Christmas Tree

Sporting 1,100 branch tips, a 37-inch maximum diameter and five-star ratings from over 85 percent of Amazon users, the U-Miss Eco-Friendly Aspen Fir Christmas Tree is a popular and realistic-looking choice of tree. It arrives in three separate sections with hinged branches, making it easy to set up and compact to store when it’s not in use. It’s also made from recycled, eco-friendly PVC plastic which is non toxic, high quality and durable. Plus, the intended lifespan of this tree is over 30 years.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Buy: U-miss Eco-Friendly Aspen Fir Christmas Tree $49.99
   4. Goplus Pre-Lit Cactus Christmas Tree

Even though it’s technically not a tree per se, this Goplus Pre-Lit Cactus Christmas Tree is a fun and unique way to put your own desert-inspired spin on Christmas. It comes pre-lit with 160 energy-efficient LED lights and a fancy yellow bow tie. You’ll also find red and yellow ornaments in the box to complete the decorating process. Out of the box, the tree is quick to put together. Simply attach the branches to the sturdy metal stand and straighten them as desired.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Buy: Goplus Pre-Lit Cactus Christmas Tree $99.99
   5. HOMAKER Handmade Christmas Pine Tree

If you love having a real tree in your home at Christmas but feel it’s the right time to try an artificial option, this HOMAKER Handmade Christmas Pine Tree is a great choice for you. By prioritizing a realistic appearance, the tree is the ideal choice for anyone who wants the positives of a real tree without the falling needles or labor. This beautifully crafted artificial tree is mounted on a sturdy metal stand and can be used either indoors or out. You’ll also find it comes with a handy bag for storing your tree when it’s not in use.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Buy: HOMAKER Handmade Christmas Pine Tree $139.99
   6. Nearly Natural Cashmere Slim Christmas Tree

Biggest isn’t always best for everyone. With this Nearly Natural Cashmere Slim Artificial Christmas Tree, you’ll get to enjoy an impressive 7.5-feet of height without the corresponding girth associated with such a large tree. This is a great option for those who want an imposing tree without giving up too much of their living space. It also means there’s still plenty of space for decorations on the tree. This particular model comes with a sturdy metal base and 400 clear metal lights.

Image courtesy of The Home Depot

Buy: Nearly Natural 7.5ft Cashmere Slim Christmas Tree $245.39 buy it

   7. Puleo International Pre-Lit Slim Fraser Fir

With 2,093 branch tips, the Puleo International Pre-Lit Slim Fraser Fir Artificial Christmas Tree has plenty of space to display your Christmas decorations. These hand-crafted trees are produced from the highest quality materials to deliver an unmatched realistic appearance. And, at nine-feet tall, this tree would be difficult to miss, ensuring you can’t help but feel in the festive mood every time you pass it. As an added bonus, the tree also comes with 800 prestrung, incandescent clear lights and is both flame retardant and non-allergenic.

Image courtesy of The Home Depot

Buy: Puleo International 9ft Pre-Lit Slim Fraser Fir $241.94 buy it

   8. National Tree Company 7.5ft Carolina Pine Tree

If you’re all about Christmas and making an impression, try this National Tree Company Carolina Pine Tree. It sports a convincingly natural appearance with a range of pine needle sizes and flocked cones throughout. To deliver a winter warmth to your home, the tree comes pre-strung with 750 clear lights and also includes a sturdy metal stand. The low ground clearance lets you take full advantage of the tree space, and the tree itself is both fire-resistant and non-allergenic (unlike the real thing).

Image courtesy of Amazon

Buy: National Tree Company 7.5ft Carolina Pine Tree $288.46
   9. Fraser Hill Farm 7.5ft Flocked Christmas Tree

If you’ve been looking for a way to grab people’s attention this holiday season, this Fraser Hill Farm 7.5 ft. Pre-Lit Flocked Mountain Pine Artificial Christmas Tree may be just the tree you’re after. The A-line silhouette sports life-like foliage with a flocked finish and artificial snow over every branch. It’s a great choice for anyone living away from snowy weather, allowing you to create an indoor atmosphere worthy of the North Pole. The metal-hinged branches make assembly simple, and the tree is also non-allergenic, flame retardant and comes pre-strung with 550 smart string bulbs.

Image courtesy of The Home Depot

Buy: Fraser Hill Farm 7.5ft Flocked Christmas Tree $340.98 buy it

   10. Twinkly Swiss Mountain Spruce Christmas Tree

Ever dreamed of having a Christmas tree you could control with your smartphone? Well, dream no longer. This Twinkly Pre-Lit LED Swiss Mountain Spruce Christmas Tree sports 600 RGB LED lights which can be controlled using the accompanying Twinkly smartphone app. Choose your favorite colors, pattern and timing with the app for a truly personalized tree this Christmas. In addition to the large number of lights, the tree also boasts 3,404 PVC branch tips to ensure a realistic appearance.

Image courtesy of The Home Depot

Buy: Twinkly Swiss Mountain Spruce Christmas Tree $548.00 buy it

   11. Home Accents Holiday 7.5ft Christmas Tree

The Home Accents Holiday 7.5 ft. Artificial Christmas Tree with Musical Animated Plush was made for anyone who loves nothing more than walking into a toy store at Christmas time. Each of the plush characters mounted on the tree is actually animated and musical, giving your home Christmas scene both movement and a festive soundtrack. To complete the decoration, the 7.5-foot tall tree sports a range of LED lights. Finally, and perhaps best of all, the tree comes with a Christmas tree-shaped remote control, which lets you take control of your animated tree and enjoy on-demand Christmas carols.

Image courtesy of The Home Depot

Buy: Home Accents Holiday 7.5ft Christmas Tree $699 buy it

   12. Sterling Natural Cut Monaco Pine Christmas Tree

The Sterling Pre-Lit LED Natural Cut Monaco Pine Artificial Christmas Tree features an impressive 2,688 tips, meaning there’s plenty of space to hang all of your favorite Christmas ornaments. On top of that, it boasts an unbeatable number of lights to give any room a warm Christmas glow. The 8,032 white colored lights adorning the tree are controlled by the connected box, which also allows you to rotate through the eight different settings. Furthermore, this tree sports a durable, flame-resistant construction, ensuring you’ll get plenty of years of use.

Image courtesy of The Home Depot

Buy: Sterling Natural Cut Monaco Pine Christmas Tree $852.37 buy it

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