The Best Christmas Gifts on Amazon for Quick and Easy Holiday Shopping

The Best Christmas Gifts on Amazon for Quick and Easy Holiday Shopping

The holidays are the one time of year when you have to buy presents for multiple people all at once. It can be overwhelming to go to a million stores or websites in your limited free time, so why not use Amazon as your one-stop shop for the best Christmas gifts?

While Amazon is great for last-minute purchases since they offer super fast shipping on so many items, the biggest perk is the extraordinarily wide variety of options to choose from. While most businesses tend to focus on one product category or theme, Amazon allows you to shop for nearly anything, all in one place. Christmas is stressful enough, so if Amazon can make the shopping part at least a little bit easier, it’s worth looking into. 

The best Christmas gifts on Amazon range from cookware to clothing to tech, almost guaranteeing you’ll be able to find something for everyone on your list. Below are just some of the many wonderful presents you can buy with the click of a mouse, ideally arriving in two days or less.


1. Crocs


While Crocs were once a fashion faux pas, these days everybody wants a pair in every color to wear while running errands in the summer or with socks while walking the dog in the winter. Get someone on your list a fresh new pair, conveniently available on Amazon in almost every color.

crocs Buy: Crocs $29.99 (orig. $49.99) 40% OFF

2. Kindle Paperwhite


Since the debut of the Kindle, these e-readers have consistently made for a great gift. Anyone who loves to read, even if they prefer a hard copy, can appreciate the ease of downloading tons of books onto a lightweight Kindle for travel, beach days or lazy afternoons on the couch.

kindle paperwhite Buy: Kindle Paperwhite $104.99 (orig. $139.99) 25% OFF

3. YETI Hopper Cooler/Backpack


If you have a hiker, camper or just someone who likes to enjoy a cold drink in the outdoors on your list, this YETI cooler/backpack is one of the best Christmas gifts on Amazon. It’s super durable and large enough to fit a full day’s worth of food and drinks for a whole crew, with cold-cell insulation to keep everything nice and fresh.

yeti hopper cooler/backpack Buy: YETI Hopper Cooler/Backpack $299.98

4. Fellow Clara French Press Coffee Maker


Even if you have other sorts of coffee makers, a light and portable French press can still come in handy. This chic matte black stainless steel French press is easy to use and brews a wonderful cup of joe. It retains heat and it’s the perfect coffee maker to take with you wherever you go to guarantee that you’ll be able to get a quality morning jolt.

clara french press Buy: Fellow Clara French Press Coffee Maker $99.00

5. Samsonite Luggage


For anyone that travels a lot, new luggage always makes for a great gift, especially this expandable two-piece set from Samsonite with locks and spinner wheels. The hard shell will keep their belongings safe while the expandable interior can fit a surprising amount, in both the carry-on size and check bag. It also comes in a bunch of cool colors so you can tailor it a bit to their personality.

samsonite luggage Buy: Samsonite Luggage $269.99 (orig. $359.98) 25% OFF

6. Audio-Technica Turntable


Okay, even if they prefer to just listen and not dance, they’ll love jamming out to the high-quality sound produced by this turntable. If they haven’t started collecting records yet, this gift could be the push they need to pursue a new musical hobby and experience the immersive sounds of vinyl. It’s also wireless with Bluetooth and aux capabilities for easy use and connectivity.

audo technica turntable Buy: Audio-Technica Turntable $179.00

7. SmartSleep Wake-up Light


SAD, as in seasonal affective disorder, is getting more real as we get deeper into winter. Many of us have to wake up while it’s still dark outside or fall into a funk as soon as darkness hits at 5 PM. Thankfully, this wake-up light can help. It simulates sunrise and sunset with five different natural wake-up sounds, FM radio, 10 brightness levels and is designed to help energize your morning and improve your mood.

wake-up light Buy: SmartSleep Wake-up Light $99.99

8. Smeg Electric Kettle


Electric kettles are clutch for anyone who loves a nice cup of tea. You can use them anywhere there’s an outlet instead of being limited to the stovetop, and they heat up water insanely fast. This Smeg electric kettle is the perfect Christmas gift on Amazon for the tea fanatic on your list who also appreciates cool, retro design. They’ll be excited to keep it on display on their countertop.

smeg electric kettle Buy: Smeg Electric Kettle $169.95

9. Vibrating Foam Roller


Everyone could use a vibrating foam roller, but especially those who exercise often or just have chronically sore muscles. This one has trigger points to combine vibration and foam rolling to soothe soreness and reach peak performance. It’s portable, has three vibration speeds and gives you two hours of vibration on one charge.

vibrating foam roller Buy: Vibrating Foam Roller $59.98

10. Brita Stainless Steel Water Filter Bottle


I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t live without my Brita. Having that cold, filtered water in the fridge just tastes better and helps me stay hydrated. Help someone who feels the same get that tasty, crisp water anywhere with this Brita water filter bottle. It comes in a variety of cool colors, all with straws and filters for fresh and easy-to-drink water that stays cold all day long.

brita water bottle filter Buy: Brita Stainless Steel Water Filter Bottle $34.99

11. Cheese Board and Knife Set


The best part of any cocktail party, dinner party or Friday night is a bomb cheese board. This board is perfect for designing your dream charcuterie platter, with a hidden drawer to store all of the required knives and utensils. It’ll keep your cheeses, fruits, meats, nuts and crackers all neatly arranged and separated so that you can combine as you please.

cheese board Buy: Cheese Board and Knife Set $59.99 (orig. $79.99) 25% OFF

12. Anker Portable Charger


This Amazon Christmas gift is ideal for any friends or family members that are regularly unreachable due to dead phones. Whether they forget to charge or are addicted to Instagram and drain their battery quickly. this portable charger will save the day. It’s slim, light, durable and charges surprisingly fast.

anker portable charger Buy: Anker Portable Charger $21.99

13. Carhartt Men’s Knit Cuffed Beanie


If you haven’t seen someone wearing a Carhartt beanie yet this season, you must be living under a rock. These trendy hats have become super popular, come in tons of cool colors and also happen to be warm and cozy for the coldest winter days. They make a great gift that almost anyone will enjoy.

carharrt beanie Buy: Carhartt Men's Knit Cuffed Beanie $34.00

14. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Skillet


Any semi-experienced cook will know what it means to season a pan, and how nice it can be to have a quality skillet that’s pre-seasoned. This one from Lodge is made from sturdy cast iron with unparalleled heat retention. It can be used on the stove, in the oven or even over a campfire to sear, bake, broil, braise, sauté, fry or grill their favorite foods.

lodge cast iron skillet Buy: Lodge Pre-Seasoned Skillet $17.90 (orig. $26.68) 33% OFF

15. Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack


Not only are Herschel backpacks stylish, but they’re also quite functional and sturdy. This classic option comes in tons of colors to suit any student in your life, with a front pocket, padded laptop sleeve and mesh interior organizers. It’s a look that anyone with love and it’ll be comfortable enough for them to carry around all day long.

Herschel Backpack Buy: Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack $79.99

16. Blueair Air Purifier


Whether you need a gift for someone who’s been breathing in smoky air from wildfires, lives in any city that tends to get smoggy or suffers from allergies, this silent Blueair air purifier is the way to go. It removes 99 percent of pollutants from the air, from pollen and dust to wildfire smoke. It can tackle large spaces and help them breathe in healthier air every day.

blueair air purifier Buy: Blueair Air Purifier $249.99 (orig. $339.99) 26% OFF

17. Wrangler Flannel Shirt Jacket


Shackets (shirt/jackets) are in, and this one from Wrangler is extra cozy for this chilly fall or winter days. It’s made from quilted lined flannel that’s warm yet breathable, and it happens to be stylish as an added perk. Get this essential closet staple from Amazon for anyone on your list who likes to look cool and feel comfortable through the colder months.

wrangler shirt jacket Buy: Wrangler Flannel Shirt Jacket $31.99

18. Starry Night Light


Kids tend to love anything that sets their bedroom apart and makes it look cool when their friends come over, or even so that they can enjoy being in there alone. This starry night light projects rotating galaxy images onto their bedroom walls, offering some illumination and a cool sky-scape to gaze at while they fall asleep. It’s unique and fun, meaning that most kids will be thrilled to unwrap it on Christmas day.

starry night light Buy: Starry Night Light $16.14 (orig. $19.99) 19% OFF

19. Blush Cart Cocktail Shaker


Those who are building out their bar carts will seriously appreciate this cocktail shaker set that includes a muddler spoon, tool jigger and strainer. It’ll help cocktail connoisseurs make tasty, professional drinks that they and their guests can enjoy. It doesn’t hurt that the cool flashy rainbow finish looks great out on display.

blush bar set Buy: Blush Cart Cocktail Shaker $23.41

20. Premium Buffalo Leather Unisex Toiletry Bag


Most of us have a decent amount of toiletries that we like to take with us on any overnight trips. This toiletry bag helps keep that chaos much more organized, with a large storage compartment and outside zip pocket. It’s sturdy enough to keep all of your lotions and creams secure, but also looks high-end and stylish when you whip it out of your bag to get ready for bed.

unisex leather toiletry bag Buy: Premium Buffalo Leather Unisex Toiletry Bag $34.99

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