The best kids’ costumes sell out fast

And that’s why it’s never too early to start planning for Halloween and throwing around Halloween costume ideas. Hot ticket items include Fortnite Halloween costumes for kids and Star Wars Halloween costumes. Kids start figuring out their Halloween costumes the day after loading up on candy and other loot on October 31.

Think we’re kidding? Not even close. For kids, Halloween is the Super Bowl of sugar, the Wold Cup of dress-up. And the most coveted costumes disappear quicker than a fully-loaded bag of candy.

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That’s why we started our list early, so you won’t be the loser parent who has to paint a cardboard box and pretend it’s a Minecraft figure. Here are some solid Halloween costumes for kids.
Best Kids’ Costumes Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child's Stormtrooper Costume
If your kid is gonna join the Dark Side, he or she might as well rock themselves a proper stormtrooper ensemble like this one.
Buy Now $13.53
Kids get the iconic Star Wars stormtrooper costume with a printed jumpsuit that comes with attached boot covers and mask.
Star Wars B7097 Imperial Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet
While we're at it, get thy kid a mask that changes his or her voice to sound like an imperial stormtrooper.
Buy Now $199.99
You put this helmet it, and presto, like magic, you sound like the ultimate enforcer evildoer. Trust us. These things are awesome.
Star Wars Movie Roaring Chewbacca Wookiee Sounds Mask
You can also have your kid channel the wookie Chewbacca with this voice-changing mask.
Buy Now $31.99
Kids can roar their hearts out and sound like the best friend of Han Solo and co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon.
Star Wars Poe Dameron Costume for Kids
What kid wouldn't want to dress up as the son of a rebel fighter pilot and a rebel commando?
Buy Now $49.95
Poe Dameron’s costume includes one-piece flight suit, a chest box with attached hose, detachable belt, and half helmet, so he careen around in his X-wing. 
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rey Costume
There are so many reasons to love Rey, a Jakku scavenger who becomes a hero. This costume does her justice.
Buy Now $21.93
The Star Wars Rey costume features a jumpsuit with attached sash, detached sleeves, cuff, and belt with pouch.
Star Wars Kylo Ren Costume
The complex, tortured Kylo Ren is a dark warrior who commands First Order missions. And isn't this costume as badass as he is?
Buy Now $25.00
Kylo Ren doesn’t come to play, kids. He’s got a temper and he’s conflicted about his future. But there’s no doubt that this costume is epic Kylo. His black robe is split in the front and back for ease of movement; the hood goes up or down; and the half mask features black mesh over the eye opening.
Star Wars Clone Wars Child's ARF Trooper Costume
If a stormtrooper is not the thing this year, how about an ARF trooper, a specialized clone trooper who served during the Clone Wars.
Buy Now $23.45
This ARF trooper costume features a lightweight printed polyester jumpsuit with Velcro closure, as well as a plastic half-mask.
Star Wars Deluxe Padme Amidala Costume
The Star Wars prequels were by no means the best films, but we do have a thing for the indefatigable Queen of Naboo, who later became a senator and an anti-war spokesperson in the Galactic Senate.
Buy Now $26.72
Simple yet dramatic, this costume features a jumpsuit with attached boot tops. The blaster is not included, but the shawl and belt are.
Star Wars Child's Yoda Costume
No matter where your allegiance lies, kids will never go wrong with a costume that pays tribute to the greatest Jedi master of all time.
Buy Now $25.32
Of course the costume includes the legendary Yoda mask. It has nose and mouth holes that help make it somewhat more comfortable to wear. But to quote Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.”
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child's Deluxe Finn Costume
Any kid should aspire to do the right things like Finn, a stormtrooper who, horrified by the Order's cruelty in his first combat mission, joins the Resistance.
Buy Now $9.99
FN-2187, otherwise known as Finn, has a costume that includes a top with attached jacket. It looks like the outfit worn by the beloved character.
Fortnite Dark Voyager Halloween Costume
Fortnite fans, rejoice. Here's a Dark Voyager Halloween skin costume just for you.
Buy Now $59.99
Perfect for Fortnite fans, this Dark Voyager Halloween costume is a jumpsuit with reflective trim, plus an attached harness, gloves, knee pads, boot covers, and helmet with attached visor to match.
Fortnite Skull Trooper Costume
This Fortnite Halloween costume lets your kid suit up as a Skull Trooper and comes with a mask, gloves, bandana, belt, and an ammo pouch.
Buy Now $49.99
Your kid will scare the neighborhood in this Skull Trooper getup. You get a skeleton jumpsuit, black gloves, bandana, belt, shin guards, ammo pouch, and of course, the signature and coveted Skull Trooper mask.
Fortnite Black Knight Costume
This Fortnite kids' costume includes the Black Knight top, bandana, belt, helmet, shin guards, and ammo pouch.
Buy Now $59.99
Sadly, you must provide your kids’ own pants, to complete the costume.
California Costumes Ninja Warrior Child Costume
There's never a wrong time to be a ninja warrior. Especially for Halloween.
Buy Now $23.97
This ninja costume consists of a black jumpsuit with an attached hood, a face mask, a belt with a tabard, and a ninja star. Of course.
Marvel Spider-Man Far from Home Mysterio Costume
This stunner of the Spider-Man supervillain costume is already a massive hit with kids. And it's not even Halloween.
Buy Now $66.50
You get a long-sleeved Mysterio padded jumpsuit, attached shoe-covers on legs and attached cape; plus there’s a vacuform frosted half-mask with clear window for visibility. Fitting for a villain who’s actually a failed actor but skilled special effects artist. 
Captain Marvel Halloween Costume
This Captain Marvel kids' signature costume has a light-up star.
Buy Now $49.99
This Marvel kids’ costume is one-piece, with a light-up star that illuminates when pressed. Carol Danvers would be proud.
Aladdin Disney Jasmine Dress Costume
We loved the newly empowered Jasmine in the Aladdin. Here's a fittingly great costume.
Buy Now $34.99
Based on the 2019 live action movie, this Jasmine costume is made of satin with sequin details and includes a gorgeously sculpted cameo.
Fun World Zombie Kids' Costume
This zombie costume is one very detailed long-sleeved pullover dress, with foam wounds sewn to sleeves and a gloriously tattered fabric skirt overlay.
Buy Now $26.50
It’s the Walking Dead, come to life, with just enough wear and tear that your kid will truly have the zombie vibe.
Born Toys Full Scientist Costume
On the more nurturing end, we have this scientist costume, which comes with everything your kid needs to experiment with candy.
Buy Now $25.00
Your kid can be the next Marie Curie with this scientist ensemble, which comes with a lab coat, test tubes, magnifying glass, goggles and a name tag. It’s also great as a dress-up toy.
Unicorn Costume
We love these cosplay costumes because they're warm, they're cozy, and they're totally kooky. Especially this unicorn one.
Buy Now $29.99
A rainbow unicorn? But of course you want a rainbow unicorn cosplay Halloween costume. It’s made of soft fleece, and has a unicorn horn on top.
Toy Story 4 Forky Classic Costume
We're sort of obsessed with Forky, from Toy Story 4. Something tells us your kids will be too, and will dig this Halloween costume.
Buy Now $25.50
Forky is a spork who was made into a toy by Bonnie in Toy Story 4, and now he’s here to stay. This Halloween costume includes a long-sleeved jumpsuit and a character mask.
Creeper Deluxe Minecraft Costume
This Creeper Minecraft kids' costume features the dimensional top, pants and character mask.
Buy Now $34.99
Creepers explode when they get to close to you, is the word on the street. And you might explode with laughter when you see your kid in this getup.
Armor Deluxe Minecraft Costume
Minecraft costumes never seem to lose their appeal, and we like this armor in particular.
Buy Now $32.78
This Halloween costume replicates the armor worn in Minecraft and includes a dimensional top, pants and dimensional foam headpiece.
Disney The Incredibles Violet Classic Girls Costume
Here's Violet, from The Incredibles. You get a detailed and colorful jumpsuit with an attached belt.
Buy Now $18.74
If your kids love The Incredibles (and really, find us ones that don’t), they’re be into this Violet Halloween costume. It features a jumpsuit with an attached belt, incredible logo and eye mask.
Disguise Catboy PJ Masks Costume
Younger kids love them some PJ Masks action. Hence, they will also love this Catboy number.
Buy Now $39.99
When the sun goes down, Pyjamasques put on their superhero costumes to go on amazing adventures. Now your kid can too, with this Catboy Halloween costume. You get a jumpsuit with detachable tail and a soft headpiece.
Disguise Bumblebee Classic Muscle Child Costume
Fans of Transformers can get in on the action with this Bumblebee Halloween costume, which lets kids defend our planet in the form of a Volkswagen Beetle.
Buy Now $27.96
This Bumblebee Halloween costume features art print and muscles in the arms and torso, and is a nice ode to the hit movie and beloved Transformers character.
Jay Prestige Ninjago Lego Costume
Ninjago gurus can dress up as Jay, the lightning ninja with the killer wit.
Buy Now $39.91
Jay, one of the ninjas in Ninjago, is quick-witted and funny. This Halloween costume does him justice, with its constructed top, half mask, hands, and constructed pants.
Rubie's Captain Marvel Children's Deluxe Hero Suit
We loved everything about Captain Marvel, and this Halloween costume is a fitting tribute to the hit movie about a heroic pilot.
Buy Now $22.50
Your little Captain Marvel can be a powerhouse this Halloween in this blue and red long-sleeved padded jumpsuit, with printed boot top and a pull-on face mask with attached hair and a mesh eye opening.
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Child's T-Rex Oversized Jumpsuit
Bring on the dinosaurs! We're into this T-Rex costume that's a jumpsuit with a plush hood, tail and shoe-covers.
Buy Now $36.93
Dinosaurs never lose their appeal, and neither will this T-Rex jumpsuit Halloween costume.
Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of The West Costume
Groundbreaking? No. But this witch Halloween costume is a perennial favorite and old standby.
Buy Now $20.99
At some point, just about every girl will dress up as a witch. And this is a nice costume option. You get a green and black full length dress, along with a peplum-style top and black skirt. And of course, the signature hat. Wear leggings underneath for added warmth.
Rubie's Deluxe Black Panther Child's Costume
Wakanda forever! Black Panther was a groundbreaking film, and this Halloween costume is fit for a king.
Buy Now $29.99
One of the best, if not the best, films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther is all about family, justice, and loyalty. Kids loved it. And they’ll still be into it, courtesy of this padded fiber-filled muscle-chest Black Panther costume jumpsuit with attached boot-tops, and mask.
Dressy Daisy Girls Princess Jasmine Costume
We're a wee bit (OK, more than a wee bit) conflicted about buying into Disney's whole princess culture. But the new and improved Princess Jasmine is a strong, smart woman. And this costume is cute.
Buy Now $14.99
Your kid gets sequins galore with this Princess Jasmine Halloween costume, which includes a dance crop top and a pants, along with a headband. 
Melissa & Doug Doctor Role-Play Costume Set
Is there a doctor in the house? You bet your ass there is, with this Melissa & Doug doctor costume.
Buy Now $23.88
Your kid can get a taste of his or her own medicine (sorry!), with Melissa & Doug’s costume. You get a doctor’s jacket, mask, stethoscope, reflex hammer, ear scope, syringe, and reusable name tag.
Spooktacular Creations Deluxe Knight Role Play Costume
Your kid can wield his sword in this renaissance knight costume, which includes a face guard, shield, tunic, and boot covers.
Buy Now $28.99
Great for younger kids, this knight costume is easy to take off and put on, and comes fully equipped with all the sword-fighting gear he or she wants.

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