Tuesday, I finished!

Tuesday, I finished!

I wish I could run again.  I loved running. 
I finished the skirts, at 12:30 last night.  Well, I still had elastic to put into 5 of them, but I saved that until morning. I am a night owl so staying up that late did not bother me at all.  I took a hot bath and was in bed by 1.

It was a marathon, and I am glad it is over.  I used to sew like this all the time when I was costuming.  You would take a mockup into a director, and they would approve and then say I want 12 of those. I loved one of a kind not 12 of a kind, but I did that for years.  Just different sizes.

I would sew for 15 hours straight no problem. Now, I am hurting at 4 hours. I am sure it is age and my arthritis that does not allow me those long sessions at the machine.  Remember when I went to daughters and did 12 boned dance bodices, with full skirts, for a Dega dance piece?  I sewed all week for hours of the day and then I told her never again.  Luckily those costumes are very easy to alter (I made them that way) and they have been used repeatedly.  But again, I say NEVER AGAIN!

I delivered the 14 skirts, and the owner was thrilled.  I had 4 pieces of material that had a remnant on them.  I made those 4 remnants into little skirts for toddlers.  So, like a mother/daughter skirt set. I did not want to waste the material and they went together fast.  She did ask me to make more, but I told her to sell these first and then contact me. I might be in for another marathon next month if it pays Hub's $500.00 hearing aid bill.

I laughed at hubs this morning, as he was trying to fit things into his schedule.  He was on the run.  Going from, hearing aid adjustment appointment, to school to check a stage, then to the church to be the watchman for an activity, then back to district office, to turn in his time sheet.  All before noon. I told him he should retire as he is so busy.  

Hubs and I went to Wal-mart last night, so I could get bridal buttons, elastic, and interfacing.  We also picked up what I needed for starting all the seedlings for the garden. I hope to get that done this weekend. It is not warm enough yet to put out the portable green house.  In fact, we are supposed to have another cold snap tomorrow.  Hubs is out putting the heater on the chicken's water and draining the hoses. But I think this will be the last freeze. Or I hope it will be the last.

Well, I have a long list of alterations to get done before I start on hand work for wedding dresses.

First, I am going to get my savings envelopes done. I don't want to accidently spend the money. I ran to Albertson's today when I was out doing errands.  I wanted to get a package of Au Jus mix to make French dips with left over roast. A one-use package was $2.09 for a package that made 1 cup of Au Jus.  I said forget that.  I went two blocks to a restaurant supply store and bought a bag of au jus mix for $4.96 that will make 3 quarts.  Not that I will ever make that much, but it won't go bad, and I will use it for other things.

Sissie and I were also discussing bread going stale in our freezers.  Yes, these are the things we discuss along with world peace.  She and I both discovered that we would buy a bag of hot dog, Hamberger, or sandwich rolls, use 2 or three and then freeze the rest, only to have them get freezer burned and we then throw them out.  I love buns and rolls fresh baked that you can buy individually but refuse to pay the cost of .69-.89 a roll.  Now these are really so much better than the bagged rolls.  But you get 8 rolls in a bag much cheaper per roll.  Then you use 2-3 and freezer burn the rest.  So, we are now purchasing 2-3 rolls when we make special sandwiches. It might not be the most frugal thing, but it does make more sense.  Plus, the sandwiches are so yummy. We are worth it.

Do you ever pay more for something, that you could get in bulk cheaper, to keep from wasting?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Back to the Salt mines I go.


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