What Do You Pack in A Competition Dance Bag?

If you've been dancing for years, then you probably already have a dance bag. But if this is your first competition season, or if you haven't danced competitively before, then you might want to consider getting a dedicated dance bag.

Competition dance bags come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are made of leather, some are made of canvas, and others are even made of vinyl. And while some bags are big enough to hold every pair of shoes you own, others are small enough to fit only a few pairs. So whether you're looking for something simple or something with lots of pockets, here are five tips to help you choose yours:

1. Choose Your Size - Most dance bags are designed to hold a certain number of pairs of shoes. So before you buy, look at the size of the bag and decide how many pairs you'd like to carry around.

2. Pick A Material - Leather dance bags usually cost more than other materials. But they last longer and are more durable. Plus, they're easier to clean. So if you plan on carrying a lot of shoes around, go with a leather bag. On the other hand, canvas dance bags are cheaper and tend to be lighter.

3. Add More Pockets - The best dance bags have lots of pockets. Not only do these make it easy to organize your shoes, but they also allow you to store accessories such as headbands and hair clips.

4. Buy One With Wheels - If you plan on traveling with your dance bag, then you need to find one with wheels. Otherwise, you'll have to drag it behind you everywhere you go.

5. Get Extra Storage - Many dance bags come with extra storage compartments. These can be used to hold important items like a water bottle, an umbrella, or a music stand.

The best dance bags are versatile. They can be carried around easily, but they don't take up too much space. That way, you can bring along all of your dance essentials without worrying about forgetting something.



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