100 Funny Things To Draw When You’re Bored

100 Funny Things To Draw When You’re Bored

Drawing can be a fun and cathartic way to pass the time. Even if you aren’t much of a doodler and think your drawing skills suck, finding things to draw is a creative way to express yourself that requires little equipment. Just grab yourself some paper and a pen or pencil and you are ready to go. When it comes to things to draw, there really isn’t any limit to what you can manifest with your imagination. You can take inspiration from movies, TV shows, books, or comics. Maybe something you’ve seen in real life or in your nightmares will make a good drawing. You could even copy a picture of your favorite Disney character or some other cartoon doodle. 

One great idea is to draw funny things that will get people smiling and laughing. Not every drawing has to be a somber piece of artwork about your inner demons or a self-portrait to rival Van Gogh. Sometimes the easiest way to draw something is by creating a drawing that is fun and hilarious. 

If you are keen to start creating but unsure what to draw, never fear, as we have you covered. The team at Next Luxury has put our collective brains together to come up with a list of funny things to draw next time you are lacking inspiration or facing boredom. Hopefully, something from our list of ideas will help you sketch your next masterpiece. 

100 Funny Things To Draw When You’re Bored

People Drawings

An angry old man

Draw a person or people with these fun ideas. You can draw people with different eyes or body shapes. Give your creation a weird face or use bright colors to transform them into something totally ridiculous. 

1. Your family on the moon. 

2. A person eating pizza while dancing. 

3. Your best friend as a zombie. 

4. A person with fruit for hair.

5. Your mom or girlfriend with a beard. 

6. A superhero version of yourself. 

7. A pirate in a hammock. 

8. Your best friend as a fairy. 

9. A cowboy riding a bear. 

10. A Clown squirting water into its own face. 

11. Marie Antoinette drunk.

12. William Shakespeare in the circus.

13. An angry old man. 

14. A lumberjack in a leotard. 

15. A little girl with a pet monster. 

16. Someone waking up with a bad hair day. 

17. A two-headed man. 

18. Humans with giant heads and tiny bodies. 

19. Babies performing adult jobs. 

20. A drawing of someone wearing underwear on their head. 

Animal Drawings

A talking horse

Who doesn’t love animals? They can be cute, furry pets like dogs and cats or scary, eight-legged freaks that cause mayhem and destruction. Simple shades and straight lines can turn an ordinary drawing into one hilarious picture. 

21. A dog wearing glasses and a cap.

22. Six spiders having a dance party. 

23. Two jellyfish fighting over a hotdog.

24. A chicken wearing fishnets. 

25. Cute baby animals. 

26. An octopus with a cold. 

27. Fish having a tea party. 

28. A dog riding a shark. 

29. Penguins dressed in suits. 

30. A llama surfing.

31. A lion riding a tandem bike with a leopard. 

32. A crab eating a birthday cake. 

33. A grizzly bear water skiing. 

34. A walrus in a beach chair.

35. A squirrel roasting a marshmallow.

36. A lizard putting on lipstick. 

37. A mouse riding a motorcycle.

38. A cat chasing a dog. 

39. A group of lobsters playing poker. 

40. A talking horse. 

Food Drawings

Fruits and vegetables singing

Feeling hungry? No worries, just draw some epic pictures of the food you are craving. But instead of a normal drawing, add some interesting elements to make it funny. A banana with glasses and a mustache anyone? 

41. The life cycle of a grape.

42. An eight-legged banana.

43. Banana with glasses and a moe. 

44. Cute sushi. 

45. Asparagus conga line.

46. Fruits and vegetables singing. 

47. Different foods with faces. 

48. Cereal killer. 

49. Fruit with eyes and a mouth. 

50. A Pop Tart lifting weights. 

51. A taco skipping rope. 

52. French Fries on roller skates. 

53. A banana slipping on a banana peel. 

54. A donut riding a skateboard.

55. A pineapple surfing. 

56. A cheeseburger wearing a dress. 

57. An orange sunbaking. 

58. Starburst playing football. 

59. A pizza with a face. 

60. Grapes escaping from a bowl. 

Cartoon Drawings

Sleeping Beauty and the seven new dwarfs.

Instead of drawing an exact copy of your favorite cartoon character, try something different with these weird and wacky ideas. Cartoons provide great inspo for funny drawings. 

61. Goldilocks and The Three Penguins.

62. A bad fairy.

63. Thursday Adams. 

64. Rapunzel’s first haircut.

65. Mickey Mouse in love with Donald Duck.

66. Wolverine as a nurse. 

67. Sleeping Beauty and the seven new dwarfs. 

68. The Beauty and the Beast but the roles are reversed. 

69. Your favorite Disney characters playing baseball. 

70. The Simpsons in the Family Guy universe. 

Movie and TV Show Drawings

Frankenstein reading a self-help book

Love Stranger Things and want to create some fan art? Or maybe you want to draw your own version of the Predator? These are some movie and TV show-related ideas you can draw. 

71. Frankenstein reading a self-help book. 

72. A Predator playing chess with an Alien. 

73. Spock in love. 

74. Chucky doing nice things for people instead of murdering them. 

75. The T-800 and T-1000 having a cup of tea together. 

76. The Stranger Things cast as adults. 

77. Batman and the Joker as friends. 

78. Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein in couples counseling.

79. Star Wars characters dancing. 

80. Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger, and Leatherface having a BBQ. 

Random Drawings

A robot in love

Sometimes there isn’t any meaning behind your drawings. They are just random scribbles on a piece of paper that could be about anything. 

81. A classroom full of vampires. 

82. That thing hiding under your bed. 

83. A robot in love. 

84. Bigfoot dancing with a mummy. 

85. A blind date gone wrong. 

86. Goth prom. 

87. A costume party. 

88. Ghosts scaring each other. 

89. The dancing queen. 

90. A tree with eyeballs. 

91. A car with candy growing all over it.

92. People hanging out on clouds. 

93. Sexy Hallo ween costumes. 

94. Tattoo art. 

95. A zombie falling in love. 

96. A robot on the beach. 

97. A kissing booth.

98. A tropical island under attack from zombies. 

99. Striped socks with their own personality. 

100. A haunted house with a pretty flower garden.

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