14 Celebrity Chef Copycat Recipes

14 Celebrity Chef Copycat Recipes


Weve all fallen into the trap of setting the bar a little too high when it comes to entertaining. We see these celebrity chefs like the Pioneer Woman and Paula Deen throwing amazing parties and cooking for large groups of people to show off how great of a host they are, but when Ive tried to throw parties like this, something always seems to go wrong! And its not really anyones fault. My expectations for the party are just too high from watching the Food Network too much. With these 14 Celebrity Chef Copycat Recipes, though, you dont have to think about the food. Just focus on being the best host you can be!

Paula Deens got the perfect desserts to bring life to your dessert table like an orange coffee cake recipe and some fancy brie en croute. The Pioneer Woman has a potatoes au gratin side dish that everyone will be talking about. And the legend herself, Julia Child has the fancy French main dish that shes famous forbeef bourguignon! Give these recipes a try, and youll be throwing parties to rival these world class hostesses.

14 Celebrity Chef Copycat Recipes

Just Like Paula Deens Recipes

NPaula Deen's Brie en Crouteo one has Southern hospitality like Paula Deen! These recipes will make your house smell amazing, and they taste like classic Southern comfort food. If you love your desserts extra delicious, try them the way Paula does.

Copycat Paula Deen House Seasoning

Copycat Paula Deen Orange Coffee Cake

Paula Deens Brie en Croute

Copycat Paula Deens Easy Potato Soup Recipe

Just Like Pioneer Womans Recipes

TCopycat Pioneer Woman Potatoes au Gratinhese recipes are must-haves for any good hostesss recipe book. Theres a recipe for Hoppin John that would make a great snack, some pulled chicken sandwiches that will steal the show, and some amazingly simple iced coffee to wash it all down.

Copycat Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls

Copycat Pioneer Woman Hoppin John Recipe

Pioneer Womans Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

Copycat Pioneer Woman Perfect Iced Coffee

Just Like the Pioneer WomansPotatoes au Gratin

Copycat Pioneer Woman Chicken Spaghetti

Copycat Pioneer Woman Biscuits and Gravy

OtherCelebrity Chef Recipes

PJulia Child's Beef Bouguignon Copycataula Deen and the Pioneer Woman might be the most popular, but there are plenty of other celebrity chef recipes that you can mimic to take your parties, potlucks, and pitch-ins from boring to classy occasions. These recipes are the dishes you need to take your entertaining game to the next level.

Jamie Oliver Inspired Superfood Salad

Julia Childs Beef Bourguignon Copycat

Just Like Julia Childs Asparagus with Cream Sauce

Whos your favorite celebrity chef? Let us know below in the comments!

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