20 Brunch Recipes to Try For Father’s Day

20 Brunch Recipes to Try For Father’s Day

With Mother’s Day behind us, it’s time to focus on the next holiday – Father’s Day! Just like with Mother’s Day, let’s spoil those fathers in our lives with a nice big brunch…these 20 Brunch Recipes to Try For Father’s Day will surely help you create a delicious Father’s Day spread!

20 Brunch Recipes to Try For Father's Day

20 Brunch Recipes to Try For Father’s Day 

This Apple Pecan Breakfast Bake Recipe is sweet, it tastes almost like a loaded apple cinnamon roll..if that heavenly concoction were even to exist! I would say this serves 4-6 but 6 would be a small serving, which might be okay. If you want to double the recipe, I suggest that you make two, as in two separate pans, because it will cook better. While it’s always a good time in general to make a nice, hearty breakfast for the family, this recipe is even more perfect for the fall weather…imagine the kids waking up on a chilly autumn morning and sitting around the breakfast table and enjoying this as a warm breakfast!

Apple Pecan Breakfast Bake Recipe

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but more often than not, it’s the one we all pass right by, without so much as a thought. Even though I work from home, I often find myself sitting down at my desk in the home office with my iced coffee, and it’s noon or even later before I even think about eating. This Towering Waffle Cake Recipe is the perfect answer to that problem – we all love waffles, right?

Towering Waffle Cake Recipe

This Strawberry Breakfast Bars Recipe is perfect for making ahead of time and sticking in the refrigerator so that there is always a delicious breakfast option for those busy mornings…or when you just get tired of smoothies. It’s made with the SPLENDA® Brown Sugar Blend from SPLENDA® Sweeteners, so you can enjoy this yummy breakfast bar without worrying about added sugar and those extra pesky calories! This might be one of my favorite Sweet Swaps yet!

Strawberry Breakfast Bars Recipe

 I LOVE fruits of all sorts, but I especially love berries for their juiciness and sweet flavor! Many berries are extremely good for you, being rich in antioxidants. This Very Berry Breakfast Smoothie Recipe with only 2 Weight Watchers PointsPlus is a fantastic way to start your day, whether you’re doing Weight Watchers or not, and it’s jam-packed with berries! 

This Southwest Breakfast Quiche Recipe is really good, it has a ton of flavor and is super easy to make.

Southwest Breakfast Quiche Recipe

This Simple Homemade Plum Tart Recipe is the perfect dish for your Father’s Day Brunch, as it’s simple to make and presents beautifully! Try this incredibly easy breakfast and brunch recipe for something different the next time you’re in the mood for a little treat!

Simple Homemade Plum Tart Recipe

Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why it’s important that you eat a healthy meal at breakfast with a variety of foods – including fruits and veggies. One popular vegetable that you can easily include in your breakfast is spinach. Spinach is full of vitamins and minerals and pairs well with eggs in this recipe that I’m sharing with you. My pal Brian created this Low Carb Spinach Egg Cups Recipe for me to share with you guys!

Spinach Egg Cups Recipe

While I am definitely no vegan myself, I have certainly noticed the vegan craze sweeping the nation – and the world at large! Today we’re sharing this Vegan French Toast Recipe to make breakfast a little easier for all of you vegans out there! French toast is delicious, no matter how you slice it – so get your brekkie on!

Vegan French Toast Recipe

Everyone is going crazy over Instant Pot recipes, and I think that this Instant Pot Oatmeal Recipe is just perfect for a super quick breakfast! A nice hearty breakfast, a little sweetness and a lot of fresh, fruity flavor!

instant pot oatmeal recipe

This Cranberry Orange Coffee Cake Recipe is really tasty and perfect for breakfast or brunch! The berries are still a little tart, but they mix with the sweetness of the cake and it’s good. The cake is light, not overly sweet, so it’s good and a very nice, simple but tasty breakfast.

Cranberry Orange Coffee Cake Recipe for Christmas

Are you looking for something fun to make for brunch this weekend? Here is a super yummy Very Berry Coffee Cake Recipe! It’s super good and easy to make with the help of cake mix and frozen (please remember to thaw them) berries! I was pleasantly surprised it didn’t have a “cake mix taste” like…

Very Berry Coffee Cake Recipe

This Red Velvet Waffles Recipe is just so good and easy to make -by using the help of a box of cake mix. You are just going to love them, and if you have kids at home, they will love them too!

Valentine's Day Breakfast Red Velvet Waffles Recipe

Check out this amazing Apple Cider Cinnamon Roll Cake Recipe for your next gathering…or just to make for breakfast or brunch one day when you are feeling especially indulgent!

Apple Cider Cinnamon Roll Cake Recipe

This Blueberry Granola Parfait Recipe is the perfect answer when I get hungry at that time of day and don’t want to totally ruin my appetite for lunch.

I really love baking, and a few years ago, I got into this phase where I was baking donuts…all kinds of donuts! There’s just something a nice, warm, soft donuts right out of the oven that feels so homey and nice! This Candied Apple Pecan Donuts Recipe is a really fun and tasty recipe, and it’s super easy to make as long as you have a donut pan.

Candied Apple Pecan Donuts Recipe

Oh, Memorial Day. It’s coming guys. I’ll be spending it drinking mimosas on a boat at the sandbar in Key Biscayne, but then comes 4th of July not soon after. July 4th is that day when we embrace everything we love about our country – and momentarily forget those things we don’t love quite so much. Firecrackers, barbecues, beers and buddies – it’s what the 4th of July is all about! This super fun and easy Red White and Blue Mini Donuts Recipe is sure to be a hit for your family as everyone sits down to eat breakfast and get ready for the big day full of fun!

Red, White & Blue Patriotic Mini Donuts Recipe

I know that a well-choreographed family schedule, infinite reminders hastily scrawled across a calendar on the fridge, and a few go-to recipes like this Cheesy Brunch Bites Recipe are just a few of the ways I manage to keep on keepin’ on. They’re made with Pillsbury Cresent Rolls, which I am pretty sure everyone knows are just the best thing ever!

Easy, Cheesy Brunch Bites Recipe #EasterwithPillsbury

This Pumpkin Spice Pancakes Recipe is full of pumpkin. And spice. And deliciousness.

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes Recipe

This Asparagus Mini Quiche Recipe is one of those things you’d never really think works, but it TOTALLY DOES! If you love quiche, then this recipe will be especially perfect for you, whether you’d like to serve it at breakfast, at a luncheon with the girls, or even serve as a finger food appetizer at a dinner or cocktail party. Of course, it’s also great just for baking up on a Saturday afternoon while you catch up on your DVR!

Asparagus Mini Pies Recipe

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I find it’s the one I skip the most often. I’m a morning person, so it’s not that I sleep past breakfast – I just never think to eat that early in the morning! I’m usually up at 6:30 AM, making coffee and sitting down to work by 7 AM…the next thing I know, it’s noon and my stomach is growling! Maybe this White Chocolate Cranberry Shortbread Recipe will help me avoid skipping breakfast in the future, what do you think?

White Chocolate Cranberry Shortbread Recipe

This Chocolate Cherry Sweet Scones Recipe Will Have You Re-Thinking Mornings It’s Worth Waking Up For! – Breakfast Anyone? Yes, that’s right, you don’t need to head to Starbucks or Panera Bread to indulge your taste buds in sweet, sweet scones on a pretty Saturday morning anymore. This is a fairly simple scones recipe that really packs a punch, both in flavor and presentation. You could even bake this Sweet Scones Recipe up and deliver to a friend as a gift, or to a new neighbor as a housewarming present! Can you just imagine how thrilled a new neighbor would be – or you would be if you were that new neighbor – if someone knocked on your door and handed you these beautiful Sweet Scones? What a beautiful, personal way to welcome someone into the neighborhood!

Chocolate Cherry Sweet Scones Recipe


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