25/52: Cozy Reading and Garden Shots

25/52: Cozy Reading and Garden Shots

You know what, at this point I'm honestly not sure what week any of my photos are from... I'm flying blind. Summer has been such a blur, and it's only June!! So these may actually be from two weeks ago. And sure, I could check the time stamps on the photos, but I've already started writing the post and that would be one extra step!

When my sister was in town, Edith actually got to go to Mass! She's always so pleased to put on her veil and gather up her Mass books, and she very carefully showed the books to her baby doll before heading off to daily Mass with Aunt Sister.

The garden is out of control. None of these photos show that, of course, just the beautiful flowers and the ladybug pupa and the funny bouquet of asparagus and broccoli (weirdly beautiful, I think!). But plants are overflowing their rows and I can barely walk! Excited to harvest a bunch of the cabbage this week and hopefully free up some space, but the tomatoes are EVERYWHERE and I think we're going to need to prune them back pretty heavily. Aren't those snapdragons sweet, though?

The kids have been suiting up in their swimsuits on any day that's above 80 degrees, and they spend much of their outside time running through the sprinkler and spraying each other with the hose. The other day they decided to set up towels and put chairs on top of them to allow for some shade, then lay in the sun reading magazines and catalogs and graphic novels in their wet swimsuits. It cracked me up to see the whole line of them all set up!

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