5 New Ways to Use Canned Salmon

5 New Ways to Use Canned Salmon

There’s a quick and economical ingredient that may be sitting in your pantry right now: canned salmon.

Canned tuna may be more familiar, but salmon is a great way to get some good omega-3s into your diet and an excellent source of protein, too. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to fresh salmon, but because it’s canned it’s ready at a moment’s notice with very little prep. Canned salmon recipes aren’t hard to find, but here are five new ways to use this ingredient, beyond the typical salmon cakes and salmon salad.

Salmon Roll Sushi Bowl from Savory Tooth

Deconstructed sushi bowls give you the taste of sushi rolls without the labor of rolling it, and this one with canned salmon is paired with some diced cucumbers, seaweed crumbles and an easy dressing with soy sauce, sriracha and lemon juice. Cook up some rice, and dinner is served.

Salmon avocado boats
Photo Credit: Fit Foodie Finds

Salmon Avocado Boats from Fit Foodie Finds

The avocado is both the delivery system and part of the meal, which makes for a fun presentation. Mash up some canned salmon with parsley, dill, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar, and some sriracha for a little heat.

Salmon and Asparagus Pasta Salad from Lord Byron

Asparagus and salmon feels bright and refreshing, and parsley and Parmesan as garnish adds some additional flavor. As for the pasta? Feel free to swap out whole wheat or gluten free pasta if you like, and serve this cold, warm, or hot. It’s good all those ways.

Kale and broccoli salmon burgers
Photo Credit: Hummusapien

Kale and Broccoli Salmon Burgers from Hummusapien

Salmon cakes are definitely a go-to for canned salmon, but burgers are a little heartier. Canned salmon gets mixed with finely chopped kale and broccoli, along with some almond meal and eggs to hold it together. Cooks in a hurry, too.

Salmon and Kale Caesar Salad from A Saucy Kitchen

Avocado, canned salmon, some good shaved Parmesan (or not), homemade Caesar dressing with anchovy paste or miso (or not), and a big handful of kale. Sounds like breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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