5 quiet luxury skincare brands to elevate your skincare ritual

5 quiet luxury skincare brands to elevate your skincare ritual

After bags and perfumes, we dive into the world of quiet luxury skincare. These are the skincare products that not only look elegant in your vanity kit but also glide beautifully onto your skin with plenty of beauty benefits.

The quiet luxury trend may refer to logo-less, elegant, and timeless design for fashion items. When it comes to quiet luxury skincare, we expect high-performing products that don’t go wild on the ingredients list, but rather include only the bare necessities. The package design, like quiet luxury fashion, is elegant and unassuming, making for a reliable beauty essential you can grab and apply everyday.

5 Quiet Luxury Skincare Brands to Elevate Your Skincare Ritual


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The wisdom of Philosophy lies in its high-performance yet gentle formulas that are suitable for sensitive skin. Through intensive skincare research, all of Philosophy’s products don’t only target long-term effects but are also eco-responsible, cruelty-free, clean, and multi-tasking. The brand is committed to becoming more sustainable every year, by aiming to offset 100% carbon emission and ensuring a 100% renewable packaging. One of the best sellers is the Anti-Wrinkle Miracle Worker+, a powerful moisturiser that counteracts stress-induced bumpy skin and fine lines.


Minimalism is not only visible on the packaging of Less’s products but also their skincare formulas, for each of the products contains only active ingredients and never any additives. The result is a comprehensible staple that fights effectively against ageing, since the excessive use of superfluous products is sometimes the culprit for premature ageing. If you’re looking for your first vegan, cruelty-free, and plastic-free quiet luxury skincare staple from Less, the Less Face Oil is among the most popular ones.

Allies of Skin

Image credit: Allies of Skin

The vision of Allies of Skin is to make beauty more human, which particularly means to make everyone feel empowered in their own skin. Founded by Nicolas Travis, the premium skincare brand started with the first and very popular Peptides & Antioxidants Firming Daily Treatment, before evolving to bring more supercharged products to the market.


Image credit: BIOSSANCE

Biossance has much love for the ocean and nature, so the brand’s core idea is the refrain from over 2,000 ingredients that are harmful to the environment. The most prominent one of them is squalene, a substance found in shark liver. Biossance, in contrast to other beauty brands, has created its own vegan squalane made from sustainable fermented sugarcane, that is incorporated in many of its products. The beautiful Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil doesn’t only brighten the skin but also boosts its elasticity.


The lab-like containers and the shop design of Aesop are almost always recognisable from afar. The brand’s quiet luxury skincare is constituted upon the belief that our skin is ever-changing, so customers are encouraged to take the attentive approach to understand their own skin at any particular time in their lives. A range of hair and body care products by Aesop are highly praised, but the crowd’s forever favourite line is the Parsley Seed collection.

[Hero image credit: Philosophy; Featured image credit: Biossance]

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