6 Last Minute Gins to Gift to Dad This Year

6 Last Minute Gins to Gift to Dad This Year

Raise a glass to the most important man in your life. This Father’s Day give your dad the gift of refined indulgence with an exceptional gin. From timeless classics to innovative expressions, our gin selections are here to help you discover the perfect bottle to honor your gin-lovin’ father.


Just in case you missed them here are our top 6 gin offerings in Chilled’s Father’s Day Gift Guide.


Nolet’s Gin

A pitcher of Yule Mules is great for both holidays and game days. Make a batch ahead of time to delight your guests.


NOLET’S Silver Dry Gin, bottle on white


Irvine’s American Dry Gin

Irvine’s American Dry Gin, created by Chef Robert Irvine, is “chef curated” to pair beautifully with food. It is precision distilled in the U.S. with 13 botanicals, herbs, and spices from the kitchen, each selected by Chef Irvine. A portion of all sales benefits the Robert Irvine Foundation, to support military families and first responders.




Yu Gin

Distilled with juniper berries and enhanced with yuzu, Szechuan pepper, coriander, and licorice. A pronounced citrus nose and a perfectly balanced botanical taste with a subtle peppery finish. Yu Gin can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a classic G&T cocktail as a refreshing aperitif. 100% vegan.





135° East Gin

Stimulate the unexpected and awaken dad’s senses with the gift of 135 East Gin. Traditional London Dry Gin botanicals mingled with Japanese botanicals, made from 100% grain neutral spirits, and crowned by a touch of sake. 135° East boldly and expertly weaves together East and West, Spicy Sansho Pepper, and floral, citrus notes of Yuzu.





Martin Miller’s Gin

Miller’s Gin is an unconventional English distillation of the finest botanicals, blended with the purest Icelandic water. Martin Miller’s Original Gin is pot distilled using two separate distillations of the very best earthy and citrus based botanicals.





Tanqueray No. Ten

Distilled in small batches, Tanqueray No. TEN is a bright-tasting gin made using whole citrus fruit – including fresh white grapefruit, lime and orange. Tanqueray No. TEN brings an explosion of fresh citrus with every sip, followed by vibrant juniper, concluding with a rush of herbal and velvety chamomile notes to finish.



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