A visit to Felony Flats Botanical Garden...

A visit to Felony Flats Botanical Garden...

Welcome to Felony Flats Botanical Garden. This fabulous garden belongs to my friends Eric Peterson and Robert Bringham, the name of their garden is a bit of word play on the fact their garden is located in a sort of sketchy part of town. 

This visit took place late last summer, I was there to take photos and interview the guys for my book

The front garden is Robert's turf, although Eric's influence (for instance, the agaves) is creeping in.

Now we've stepped into the back garden, where Eric's love of spiky architectural plants is obvious...

My first visit to the garden was back in 2014, I was blown away by the fact most of the garden is in containers, I titled that post "The Moveable Garden"

That's still the case (gardening mainly in containers), although since Eric and Robert own the house now some things are transitioning into the ground.

Others—like the extensive agave and aloe collection—remain in containers, so they can be moved into the garage/greenhouse for the winter.

Yes, what was once a garage, is now a greenhouse. The solid roof and sides replaced with glass. One of Eric's first projects upon moving in. Pretty impressive, eh?

Yep, a blooming cycad! This is rare here in Portland, to say the least.

And lush foxtail ferns, Asparagus densiflorus 'Myers'.

There are even citrus! Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis, or Buddha's hand citrus.

Once you pass the garage/greenhouse you're in a lush backyard paradise...

Turning back to look at the greenhouse...

And panning clockwise around the garden...

Ha! And posing for the camera is Coco, one of Eric and Robert's Yorkshire Terriers (Rusty was feeling a little camera shy).

Perhaps the largest Agave 'Blue Glow' in Portland?

The barber pole was one of Eric's Craigslist scores.

Along with the windmill top.

See that turbine vent/roof vent used as a planter on the right? It came from a garden I wrote about years ago (here), I wanted that thing something awful, it's good to know it ended up in a great garden. Thanks so much you guys for letting me visit again and include your garden in my book!

Weather Diary, July 23: Hi 76, Low 59/ Precip 0 

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