Air Fryer Steak

Air Fryer Steak

Make perfect Air Fryer Steak that is seared on the outside and juicy on the inside. Air frying steak is quick and easy with no splatter or mess in the kitchen!

Air Fryer Steak
Air Fryer Steak

Through trial and error, I learned some tips to make perfect air fryer steaks. Here I used leaner sirloin, but this will work for any steak you like. I do recommend making sure your steaks are at least 1 inch thick. Thinner steaks cook too fast without getting a chance to brown. A little oil rubbed on the steaks helps the steaks brown better. Adding a dry rub to leaner steaks like this sirloin or chops helps with overall color. We usually eat it with baked potatoes, smashed potatoes, or mashed potatoes and a vegetable, like roasted green beans or asparagus. You can see more air fryer recipes here.


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