Aldi Grocery Haul!

Aldi Grocery Haul!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post on ~Foodie with a Passion~! Happy Saturday everyone and I hope you’re having a great weekend so far. I went to Aldi for the first time today. It was only 5 min from my house and boy, it’s very similar to a Grocery Outlet from back in the PNW. So without further ado, remember to click subscribe so you don’t miss another Foodie Fun 🤩

Alrighty! So I’ve seen YouTubers post Aldi vs Walmart prices and it seemed like Aldi had better prices. So to which some extent I agree and apparently you need a quarter to use their carts but you get your money back when you return your cart. And you get to bag your own groceries. Which I like the idea of so you can package it exactly the way you want it. Now, same with Grocery Outlet, I feel like Aldi might be a bit of a hit n miss depending on if you’re looking for anything specific. But nonetheless, I was able to find just about everything I had on my list for this week’s haul.

Aldi Haul
  • Chuck Roast – this was big enough that I cut into 3 chunks so I have 2 more uses as I already cooked off one of the chunks
  • Ground Turkey – now I didn’t see ground pork so I had to pick it up at another store but I planned to make burger patties over the weekend. Also still need Worcestershire sauce and breadcrumbs
  • Mexican Blend Cheese – have wanted to make quesadillas at work for my snacks next week
  • String Cheese – also another good snack item
  • L’Oven Fresh Whole Wheat Low Carb Tortillas – I’m going to give this one a try; I was purchasing the white ones from Kroger before. I wonder what Aldi’s return policy is if I don’t like it. But anyhow I wanted these to make my quesadillas
  • Canned Salmon – I wanted to make a cream cheese salmon dip to eat with crackers or cucumbers for a snack next week
  • Sea Salt Popcorn – also another snack idea at work. I figured I can share if I don’t eat all of it. What would be nice is to have mini bags and not these regular size bags
  • Asparagus – and a bag of fresh veggies for the next few days
  • Cucumber – for the dip and maybe some salads next week
  • Blackberries – and fruit for the week. I just finished up the grapes so berries are next
  • Eggs – I’m going to bake a breakfast casserole for breakfast meal prep this week with the bacon I have left and hash browns and cheese

And there we have it! Let me know in the comments below what you picked up for groceries this week and what you’re meal prepping. Until then…signing off!

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