Asparagus & Pea Soup

Asparagus & Pea Soup

Whenever the asparagus season starts, I cook asparagus as often as possible. Combine it with some nutty flavors and you will get an amazing, creamy soup that cherishes this wonderful time of the year!


  • 500g white asparagus
  • 500g green asparagus
  • 50g pine nuts
  • 150g king oyster mushrooms
  • 200g heavy cream
  • 500g peas
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 Handful of parsley
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Pepper


Peel the white and the green asparagus carefully, you want to get rid of all the woody stuff! Normally I fry or bake green asparagus, then it is not necessary to peel it, but if you want a creamy soup, there is no way around it. Boil all the peels in a liter of water for around 20 minutes before throwing them away. Reduce the liquid down to around half a liter. Cut the tips off the asparagus, they will later be used as a garnish. Boil the asparagus stalks together with the peas, the cream, and the lemon juice. Cut the king oyster mushroom into small cubes and fry them in a hot pan with a little olive oil. Roast the pine nuts. When the asparagus and the peas are cooked, puree the soup. Add spices, parsley and sugar to your liking. Garnish with the fried mushrooms and the roasted pine nuts.

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