Chef iQ Smart Pressure Cooker Only $99.99 Shipped | Over 1,000 Cooking Presets

Chef iQ Smart Pressure Cooker Only $99.99 Shipped | Over 1,000 Cooking Presets

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Today, May 5th only, hurry over to where you can snag the CHEF iQ 6-Quart Multi-Function Smart Pressure Cooker for just $99.99 shipped (regularly $229.99)!

This Chef iQ smart pressure cooker offers over 300 preset cooking functions and a whopping 1000+ presets available on the app! Just input your ingredients and they’ll provide the exact cooking time and temp! It also offers hundreds of guided cooking recipes to watch and follow along while you cook. Along with the ability to create custom cooking presets right from your phone.

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The pressure cooker itself has a full-color digital LCD display with touch controls and will automatically release steam at the end of pressure cooking. It even has four integrated smart sensors that allow you to cook by weight, so you can say goodbye to measuring cups and spoons!

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I can not stress this enough, the pressure cooker plus the app make cooking so much easier. It has a ton of recipes and lays everything out for you step by step. It includes images, and videos to help you walk through most recipes. The pressure cooker also includes a few handy accessories; utensils, a rack, a strainer, etc. I also appreciate that the cooking pot has marks for measuring cups and liters on the inside of the pot. This along with the built-in scale makes cooking almost foolproof.

We decided to test this out by making one of my son’s favorite dishes, mac, and cheese. There were no timers to set, the app told you what to put in the pot, seal it, and let it do its thing. Once the pasta is finished cooking it walks you through the last step of adding the cheeses and cream and auto start a timer for stirring. In the end, it passed the test, my sons loved it.

If you are trying to cook more, or if you already spend a lot of time in the kitchen this is a super easy recommendation. It scores high marks with me in safety, builds, and ease of use. I can’t stress enough how easy the app makes cooking just about anything. The recipe list is robust, including desserts, vegan options, poultry, and meat dishes; the app covers just about all the bases. This makes cooking a treat, and my family is excited to try new dishes.

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