Great tuna thick slices wrapped in seaweed and a bit of tempura bits and deep fried so it’s crispy on the outside but raw and warmed inside. The wasabi aioli goes so nicely with it. 

Made the shrimp lettuce cups seem underwhelming. Great fresh ingredients but just seemed to be missing something would have liked a mango slaw or something on top to give it some colour and more interest. 

Liked that they heated their plates so the mains arrive and stay piping hot. The salmon could have been done a touch less but nonetheless a nice crust and relatively moist and flaky inside. A very healthy but filling dish with the soft stewed lentils and roasted asparagus. Not sure what I thought of beet with salmon but does give it an interesting slightly sweet savory glaze. 

The fish and chips are on point the cod batter was nice and airy and crispy. Love the shoe string fries rather than the traditional thick chips could be crispier for me but my husband liked the slightly softer texture that makes them seem like the McDonald’s fries. 

Weird bread plate but didn’t ask or offer us bread. 

Great atmosphere with tons of choices of whether you want to sit inside or out. Lots of privacy despite the soaring ceilings inside the lodge. 

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