Grow Your Ownn - Asparagus Plumosus Nana (Fern)- seconds

Grow Your Ownn - Asparagus Plumosus Nana (Fern)- seconds

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The box might be squashed, but everything you need to grow your fern is inside.

Turn that indoor space into the ultimate oasis with these 'Grow Your Ownn' grow kits. Each grow kit contains everything you need to grow your own houseplant. 

This Asparagus Plumosus Nana is also known as the Asparagus Plant or Fern. It has a very fine, soft leaf which gives it a very airy appearance. They originate from South America, Central Africa and Southeast Asia. Despite their tropical origin, they do best in colder weather and feel completely at home here. A fast growing species, this fern can grow up to 1.5 meters high

There are five houseplant seeds to germinate (to give you plenty of chances to get it just right), A nice grey clay starter pot, and two coconut tablets to nestle the seeds in and give them the best start in life.

There is also a map to guide you to the specific sowing information on the 'Grow Your Own' website (or you can read the steps below!)

A lovely gift for those humans big and small interested in nature, and watching things grow. Check out the rest of our growing collection.

Check here for Planting and Care Instructions for the Grow Your Ownn range.

NB:  Please note that the pot supplied is a natural grey ceramic pot 

How does it come?
Individually boxed with 1 grey clay pot, seeds, 2 coconut tablets and instructions. Follow the stops, add the water. Pot measures 8 x 8 cm and box is 10 x 10 cm approx. 

no returns on sale items, sorry

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