morning in cali....

morning in cali....


The view from the comfy's cool here this morning.
The pool I will be braving later today...

We had a lovely trip...I'm not getting a cent to mention that JetBlue is a nice airline to fly.  From Boston to San Francisco is six hours, fifteen minutes.  I watched Little Women (and cried!  it reminded me so much of my girls growing up!).  I watched several episodes of Parks and Rec, and had two diet Pepsis, and even one little bag of PopChips, which I try to avoid in general. 

The drive to Walnut Creek is lovely, the landscape so brown and hilly, the houses built right into the hills, the sky so blue.

We had a nice dinner last night (steak sous-vide, then browned in butter with browned butter pine nuts, and a bacon/onion red wine reduction sauce, roasted asparagus, mashed potatoes, Caesar salad...and then, candy.  They brought chocolates back from Europe and yum.  We had to try them all!  

The hot tub was amazing after a long day of traveling, then a hot shower, and I slept so well...the nice thing about traveling west is waking up at six in the morning, feeling like you slept in 'til nine because it's nine back home.  

Today is supposed to be 85 degrees here, with sunny skies.  We are going on an adventure, to some beautiful wineries!  

It's nice to be here...:)
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