My Big List of Goals I’m Going to Accomplish in 2022 Week 11 of 52

My Big List of Goals I’m Going to Accomplish in 2022 Week 11 of 52

Here’s my big list of things I want to accomplish in 2022:

Remodel The Kitchen

There are three things I love about this photo:

  • The light pine floors 
  • The corner cabinets {it made me think about lazy susans in corner cabinets and while useful, how much I don’t like them}
  • A light fixture on the side of the window rather than hanging from above it. 

There are so many tiny details we still need to figure out, ones that you really don’t think about until you see them in a photograph. 


Sell Enough Rugs to Buy an AGA Stove {$9,938.20 of $22,000 earned so far}

I sold one of my “AGA” earmarked pieces this past week to add to my total, and now I’m working on my next batch of rugs and pillows to offer in early April. 🙂 So far I have 6 new pieces hooked {1 of them is a whopper!}.

Fill the Canning Cupboard {This is where the canning cupboard will go}

My new canning cupboard finally arrived!!! Ain’t she a beauty? I’m excited to see what it will look like when I get it filled.

Jams I’ve made to fill my canning cupboard so far: Ginger Pear Jam and Spiced Christmas Jam

Earn Enough Money Selling {?????} To Pay For Our 2022 Grocery Tab By The End Of The Year.

I’ll be doing a bit of a beachy theme with my Etsy offerings next month so I think it will be a perfect time to introduce some of the treasures Lucy and I have found on our walks. I’m excited to see if I can sell enough driftwood, rocks and other beach finds to cover our grocery expenses this year. 

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables.

Lots of cabbage this week. 😉 

Keep The Crafts… In The Craft Room.

Key word: Dining room. 🙂 The dining room table is now in the family room as we prepare to paint the dining room and ceiling. It’s being used as a makeshift wool folding station at the moment.

Tap Our 2 Maple Trees and Make Maple Syrup

The sap collection isn’t going as well as I had hoped. So far, I think we’ve collected about 9 gallons of sap {it takes 40 gallons to make 1 gallon of maple syrup}. I checked the forecast for next week though and the temps look pretty ideal {low 40’s during the day, below freezing at night} so hopefully we’ll get some more. 

Make a Quilt Top

I made absoultly zero progress on my quilt top this past week. 🙁 

Be More Intentional With My Time

While I got a boatloaf of work done, it didn’t leave much time for anything else. 

1 Craft / Blog Free Day So far I’m 8 for 11 this year. 

It didn’t happen this past week. Things have been kind of nuts around here lately. 

Keep My Husband Busy 

I kept the HH busy this past week running errands, cutting wool and prepping the walls and ceiling for me to paint. Today he is going to pull out the washer/dryer set and tile the floor in that spot. 🙂 His work never ends. 

The HH’s Honey Do List {so far} for 2022

  • Take over cooking {I’ll still do the baking and canning}
  • Cut down the cluster of trees in the backyard
  • Build a new set of stairs down to the water. 
  • Fill the field {with soil} 
  • Remodel 1 bathroom
  • Replace fireplace tile
  • Build window boxes for the front of the house
  • Build an arbor for the wisteria
  • Order 4 cords of firewood by the end of May and stack them in an artful way {like they did in the book Norwegian Wood}.

I finally got caught up on all my work so that today {on my supposed day off} I can give the fireplace a fresh coat of paint and paint 1 of the kitchen walls white. 

Tomorrow I’ll paint the hallway {once the HH is one with the tile in the laundry closet} and then at least the walls will be done. 

The HH will need to remove the cabinet around the refrigerator {early next week} so I can paint the ceiling in the kitchen. Since the kitchen dining room all share the same space, it makes sense to paint the ceiling all at once in there so I don’t end up with any stop/start paint lines on the ceiling.

My House Projects For This Year {so far}

  • Finish painting the outside of the house
  • Finish painting the inside of the house
  • Make something to hang above our new console table
  • Make it look like people actually live here HA HA HA
  • New window treatment for the kitchen window

Try 24 New Recipes {8 down, 16 to go}

I didn’t make any new recipes this past week, but I pulled some lentils from the freezer department and had those. 

So far this year  I have shared the following recipes:

Listen to 12 Audiobooks

I am currently waiting for 2 audiobooks that will be avilavble in a few days + I’m on the waitlist for The Boys {7 months!}. 

Audiobooks I’ve listened to this year:  

Get a Fishing License and Catch a Fish

The HH is in charge of procuring all the fishing gear. So you know, there’s lot’s of research to be done first. 😉

This past week I planted pink celery and artichokes in my little Jiffy greenhouse and set it in the dining room {we get so much natural light in there it’s crazy}.  

Maybe I’ll make it outside this week for a little garden clean up. 🙂 

My List of Garden Projects For This Year I want to Accomplish

  • Map out this year’s garden by April 1st {I better get crackin’ on this one!}
  • Plant apple or pear trees
  • Plant raspberry and blueberry bushes – raspberry canes have been ordered
  • Plant asparagus and rhubarb – ordered
  • Grow 500 pounds of food
  • Expand the lasagna garden
  • Finish clearing the front of the property
  • Get some garden pots for the front an back patio/porches

Create 12 New Rug Hooking Patterns and/or Kits {10 out of 12 finished so far}

I added 4 new patterns to my Etsy shop last month. I should have abother 2 – 3 new designs ready for my next Etsy update on April 2nd so at this rate, I think I’ll be able to check this goal off my list by Mid-April. Yee-Haw.

Have All My 2022 Ornaments Finished by April 1st.

I’m taking a break from ornaments right now and working on garden markers instead. So I’ve been keeping the kiln filled with those instead of ornaments lately.

52 Walks {We’ve gone on 2 of 52 so far}

Would you believe I haven’t left the house since March 4th? {16 days!}

I don’t know how that even happened. I mean, I’ve gone outside to take Lucy for a walk around the property, but I haven’t actually gone anywhere or stepped foot off our land since March 4th. CRAZY.

We were supposed to go for a nice walk yesterday, but it started raining and so I just stayed in my pajamas and worked on wool projects. I guess it’s true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun:)

Visit 12 Towns in Maine That I Haven’t Been to Before

So far we have visited the town of Hope Maine and checked out the General Store there.  🙂

How about YOU? How did you do with working towards your goals for 2022? 



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