Stop Losing Veggies to the Flames of Regret With Grill Baskets

Stop Losing Veggies to the Flames of Regret With Grill Baskets


We've all been there. You're preparing a great outdoor dinner on the grill. The meat is taken care of, but the veggies remain. After all, you can't have a meal without a few sides. The asparagus is coming along nicely, but you lose about half of it to the flames of your cookout. The same thing happens with the squash. You have dinner, but at what cost? You only really need a grill and a few tools to cook on a BBQ, but it's good to have some other accessories if you're serious about grilling. One of the tools you should consider using is a grill basket. Baskets such as stainless steel grill baskets, non-stick grill baskets, vegetable grill baskets, fish grilling baskets, and more can make the perfect addition to your deluxe grilling setup. But what are they, and how can you use them?

What Are They?

These baskets are used to hold food as you're cooking on a grill, and is usually made of heavy duty stainless steel. A grilling basket can cook veggies, fish fillets, and other delicate foods on your BBQ grill and helps keep them from falling apart, while retaining the smoky flavor you want from the griddle.

A fish grill basket can, for example, keep small pieces of fish from falling through the grate of your grill as they're cooking. Vegetable grilling baskets can keep asparagus from falling onto your charcoal grill even though they're quite skinny. Whether you use them with a gas grill or charcoal or whatever you've got, the best grill baskets can help you save those small foods as they're cooking to help grillers get them from BBQ to plates.

Kinds of Baskets

These baskets are often made of stainless steel. They can have a non-stick coating and are sometimes even dishwasher safe. Some come with a grill brush and heat-resistant gloves, and some sport a rosewood handle. There are even rolling versions!

Grill basket

There are definitely a lot of BBQ baskets out there to choose from, whether they're advertised for their durability, versatility, or stainless steel construction.

Any grill master looking to get a great sear while grilling certain foods without losing parts of the food to the flames need only look to somewhere like Amazon to find the one that works best for them. The site shows options from brands like Grillaholics, Weber, Cuisinart, Yukon Glory, and more.

If you're looking for a good new grill accessory, consider something like a grill wok or grill basket to up your grilling game. It will be right at home with the other cookware in your cupboard. As a bonus, you won't lose more veggies to the flames of regret. You can also say you're cooking healthier as you have a huge chunk of red meat for the fourth night in a row, and no one will be the wiser.

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