The Best Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas, From a Canvas Toiletry Kit to a Vintage Boxing Kit

The Best Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas, From a Canvas Toiletry Kit to a Vintage Boxing Kit

Your father has enough grill tools and novelty aprons. Get him something unexpected, instead!

Some of us are tasked with shopping for the tight-lipped parent who wouldn’t dare come out and ask for a Father’s Day present. Meanwhile other gift-seekers nervously scour all the available offerings for dads who start dropping major hints months in advance. Shopping parameters (read: pressures) aside, we’ve curated a list of unique Father’s Day gift ideas for all types: the grillers, the loungers, the campers, the smokers, the ones who misplace their keys and refuse to buy new cutlery, and everyone in between.

Animal Key Ring 

Animal Key Ring

This keyring translates simple line drawings of animals into a trusty keeper of your keys. Turn its eye-like screw lock to open and close it. Tote your favorite creature with you wherever you go and your keys will follow. Includes a split metal keyring.

Choose from three Karl Zahn-designed silhouettes: a bird, croc, or snake.

Schmidt Brothers Cutlery Jet Black 12-Piece Knife Set

Schmidt Brothers Cutlery Jet Black 12-Piece Knife Set

Finished in modern matte black, this display-worthy set of knives brings edgy style to your kitchen counter. Forged stainless steel holds an ultra-sharp edge, and the well-balanced and carefully weighted knives offer comfortable, ergonomic handles. A fabulous graduation, housewarming or wedding gift, our exclusive 12-piece set includes an 8-inch chef knife, 8.5-inch bread knife, 7-inch santoku knife, 5-inch serrated utility knife, 4-inch paring knife and six 5-inch steak knives in a white oak and stainless steel block that shows off the blades behind panels of clear acrylic.

Elevate dad’s cutlery collection and countertop style with this modern matte black finish paired with an acrylic, white oak, and stainless steel block. 

Dusen Dusen Passion Fruit Stripe Cotton Terry Robe 

Dusen Dusen Passion Fruit Stripe Cotton Terry Robe

Dusen Dusen's signature super-soft terry composes this comfy robe, which is accented with precise stripes and a charming touch of contrast trim.

For maximizing comfort during lounge sessions and looking particularly peppy while doing so. 

 Loop Experience Earplugs

Loop Earplugs - Experience

With up to 27 dB of noise reduction, there’s nothing that can stop your flow. And thanks to Loop Quiet’s soft-touch silicone design, you can manage your volume morning ‘til night in comfort and style.

These earplugs can be put to good use by dads who snagged front row seats to a concert or those who prefer to drown out the sound of the riding lawn mower or loudly chattering housemates. Each pair comes with 4 sets of silicone ear tips (sizes extra small through large) and a black keychain carry case. 

Durango Dopp Kit 

Durango Dopp Kit

For the globetrotter on the move, our dopp kit is one that you can hold on to forever. Handmade in waxed canvas in an ethical factory in León, Mexico.

Stow toiletries and other grooming essentials in this ethically made, cotton-lined, waxed canvas kit with leather details. 

Transparent Speaker

Small Transparent Speaker

The Small Transparent Speaker - a compact yet powerful device that delivers exceptional sound quality with its unique Transparent sound technology. This sleek and stylish speaker made of tempered glass and aluminum is the perfect addition to any music lover's collection. This speaker is designed to be as much an interior object as a great sounding piece of technology. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0, but it is also ready for whatever tech that might be useful in coming years.

A tempered glass and aluminum speaker with a display-worthy design and pristine audio output. 

Acrylic Frame 

Acrylic Frame

You can use not only photos and cards but also thick ones. It can also be used as a press for pressed flowers. Sandwich flowers and leaves between the paper, sandwich the front and rear of it in cardboard, set it in the main body, and fix it with screws.

Encourage dad to showcase family photos or mementos in this minimalist acrylic and brass frame. 

The Tool Bag

Character The Tool Bag

Meet the better tool bag that combines the best of all worlds: visibility and easy-access to your tools with inside-and-out organization. With 9 useful pockets, a spacious inner cavity that fits more than a full set of tools, and a pass-through grommet for your power drill charger, this will be your favorite portable storage system.

Nine pockets and a slip-through grommet should make for a seamless box-to-bag transition for all dad’s tools. 

YETI Rambler Ice Bucket 

YETI Rambler Ice Bucket

A hefty happy hour bucket built for wild get togethers. Ice Scoop not included. Rubber grip handle Non-slip rubber bottom Stackable

Fans of this tough-as-nails container claim it "keeps ice frozen for hours" and is practically unbreakable, so scoop up one for transporting and chilling a few bottles of wine, beer, or both.

The Palmer EDC Utility Box Cutter 

The James Brand The Palmer - EDC Utility Box Cutter

The Palmer packs all the functionality of the classic utility knife in a refined design that sits comfortably in your hand and pocket. The patent-pending (our first!) mechanism enables tool-free blade changes and a buttery smooth action. Featuring anodized aluminum handles, a lanyard for easy deployment and six great colors, the Palmer bridges the gap between traditional everyday carry, lifestyle accessory and pure utilitarian object.

An elegant cutter with a slim profile and a design that allows for simple blade changes. 

Paper Pot Press 

Redecker Paper Pot Press

Have you ever dreamed of eliminating single-use plastic seedling trays from your gardening set-up? With Redecker's Paper Pot Press, you can create instead biodegradable pots for your plant nursery using yesterday's newspaper. First, cut a strip approximately 3.5 inches wide x 20 inches long. Roll it around the press, leaving an overhang at the bottom, then fold in the bottom edges and press into the forming tray.When the seedlings are sprouted and ready to plant, simply put the entire pot into the ground—the roots will easily push through the broken-down newspaper once in the ground.

Use this untreated beechwood tool to create biodegradable planters for an eco-friendly gardening experience.

Therabody Theracup Smart Cupping Therapy 

Therabody TheraCup

TheraCup combines traditional cupping with our cutting-edge ThermaVibration Technology. We're bringing suction, heat, and vibration together to create an easy-to-use digitized cupping experience that optimizes localized relief and recovery. With built-in safety sensors and on-device controls, TheraCup safely brings professional-level therapy to the comfort of home.

Invite dad to partake in some post-workout, in-home trigger point therapy with Therabody’s portable cupping device, programmed to provide suction, heat, and vibration therapy. 

Hem Molino Grinder

Hem Molino Grinder

Think of the Molino Grinder as a functional sculpture for your tabletop. This super-sized, hand-painted utensil is efficient at granulating salt, pepper and spices, but its blown-up stripy form is a graphic monument for your dinner table, too. Molino is a characteristically exuberant design from Fabien Cappello whose work reflects the energy and vivacity of Mexico, where he lives and works. Each Molino grinder is made from turned solid beech wood and is individually hand-painted by skilled decorators, giving every object a unique character. Molino is finished in a high gloss lacquer.

This graphic grinder has all the makings of statement tableware: glossy, hand-painted stripes, an eye-catching color palette, and an easy-to-grip handle. 

Made In Carbon Steel Griddle System

Made In Carbon Steel Griddle System

The Griddle System is a modular, transportable, and fully customizable toolkit for elevating live-fire cooking.Made in Sweden. Naturally Non Stick. Superior Heat Control Up to 1200F. 8.5" x 17.5" Cooking Surface Area .Solid Cooking Surface.

Don’t host a barbecue without this carbon steel griddle: it works on the stovetop and on the grill, plus it comes seasoned with vegetable oil.

Lucali & Joya Brooklyn Pizzeria Candles

Lucali & Joya Brooklyn Pizzeria Candles

We never thought we’d see the words "pizzeria" and "candle" right next to each other, but here we are and oh, are we pleased. These hand-poured lovelies came to be thanks to a collaboration with chef Mark Iacono—founder of Lucali, a Brooklyn institution in Carroll Gardens that’s famous for its thin-crust pies. There are four scents here, each one inspired by Mark’s legendary pizzeria. (It’s the garlic one for us.)

Grab a few of these hand-poured accessories for the foodie, candle-loving father who doesn’t mind a pizza-scented aroma floating around at all times. 

Fancy Oil Bundle

Yun Hai Taiwanese Pantry Fancy Oil Bundle

Here are two oils that we recommend adding to your weekly rotation, both packed with phytonutrients and deep botanical flavor. These oils are cold pressed by a one-hundred-year-old pressery, using pneumatic pressure to extract the perfect flavor and mouthfeel. Black Sesame Oil is a lesser known counterpart to the more popular White Sesame Oil. It's richer and deeper in flavor and reddish black in color. It's used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is best used in richer, heartier dishes—most famously three cup chicken and sesame oil chicken soup. Camellia Seed Oil is Taiwan's Olive Oil, a light, bright, nearly neutral oil with a high smoke point and nutritional benefits similar to (and in some ways exceeding) olive oil. We love to pan fry our scallion pancakes in this or toss a few tablespoons into a weeknight noodle dish for an extra nutritional boost.

Drizzle spoonfuls of Black Sesame Oil or Camellia Seed Oil over your favorite dish, or use the flavorful condiments to pan fry meals to perfection. 

Tree Fire Free Tabletop Campfire Kit

Tree Free Fire Tabletop Campfire Kit - Bespoke Post

A campfire you can carry. Inside the steel tin, there’s a clever blend of peat moss and 100% natural soy wax. Take it outside, set it inside the metal fire pit, and light it up for a scentless, safe campfire that burns for up to 4 hours.

With a US-made kit with four-hour burn time on hand, you’ll at least remain cozy while dad tells classic campfire stories (for the millionth time). 

India Hicks–Man Island Pickleball Paddle

India Hicks - Man Island Pickleball Paddle

Recess is honored to partner with beloved designer India Hicks on four limited-edition pickleball paddles."Pickle is my passion. And I’ve found my Pickle family here at Recess - who invited me to fuel the addiction and design four paddles for them. Always sharing a little of my British past and Bahamian present, 'Man Island' is a David Hicks geometric in chocolate and cream." - India HicksMan Island is a composite paddle with a durable fiberglass surface and a honeycomb polypropylene core. Includes an embroidered canvas case with leather detailing.Same design on both sides of the paddle.

Perfect your serve with this chocolate and cream-hue paddle complete with British and Bahamian-inspired motif. 

Huckberry Balmuda Lantern

Balmuda The Lantern

I'll be there for you. When the light around you begins to dim, look to this perfectly portable lantern from Balmuda. It’s got an LED inside that’s bright enough for kicking back with a good book, but dim enough to cue the calm atmosphere. (Turn the knob to take it anywhere from low candlelight to warm white light.) Plus, thanks to its clever design, it’ll never shine directly in your eye. It’s lightweight and water resistant, not to mention rechargeable. We’re bringing ours to the dinner table, the nightstand, the great outdoors, and, oh, about a zillion other places.

 We prefer this water-resistant lantern in black, but it also comes in white. But if you’re crossed up between which color to choose, both models have LED bulbs, three light settings, and up to 50 hours of battery life.

Gift Coffee Subscription

Trade Gift Coffee Subscription

Give the gift of discovery with a personalized digital coffee subscription. They’ll try coffees from the nation’s top roasters chosen just for them, delivered at a frequency of their choosing

 A single subscription includes six bags of coffee, with the option to choose among 450+ coffees from 55 independent roasters.

Barebones Folding Shovel

Barebones Living Folding Shovel

Lightweight, collapsible, and just plain tough. Break up bulky weeds, dig trenches for irrigation, or cover up campfire coals with our newly updated Folding Shovel. Manganese steel 3-position head stays sharp and accurate through hard and soft soil and allows for multiple working positions.

Perfect for completing that landscaping project or building out a fire pit, this collapsible shovel features a Manganese steel blade, a beechwood handle, and a three-position collar that locks into place.

Ames Maraca Hammock 

Ames Maraca Hammock

When you want to lay back and enjoy a good book or a siesta, the Maraca Hammock by Ames is the closest thing to being on vacation in your own home. Inspired by traditional Colombian hammocks, this colorful piece is the fruit of a remarkable collaboration with German designer Sebastian Herkner — and a feast for the eyes. The vibrant stripes and elegant weave are produced by women artisans in Colombia’s Bolívar region using time-honored techniques. Whether you hang it on your patio or in a cozy corner of your home, this hammock will bring joy to your space.

We envision the dad who receives this Ames Maraca hammock putting it to good use: curled up with a dog-eared novel and drink in hand on a breezy evening. 

Deco Set of Shot Glasses

Ichendorf Milano Deco Set of Shot Glasses

Set of 6 shot glasses designed by Forti E Di Loreto for Ichendorf Milano. Hand made and flame worked glasses. Unique set of 6 so each guest knows which glass is theirs. Dishwasher safe at low temperatures. 3" H x 2" DIA.

Forti E Di Loreto created this set of flame-worked, handmade glasses for Ichendorf Milano. We love that they’re each markedly different in appearance, which means choosing a new favorite to sip from with every use. 

Smithey No 12. Flat Top Griddle

Smithey Ironware Company NO. 12 Flat Top Griddle

Smithey's No. 12 Flat top griddle is your new everyday essential. Not only will this become your daily use griddle, but it is also sized perfectly to fit on top of your No. 12 skillet highlighting its use as a custom fit lid. Featuring Smithey's signature polished cook surface, the No. 12 Flat Top is naturally non-stick and free of chemical coatings. Designed and made in the USA, each piece is Engineered to maintain even and consistent heat. This flat top will become your go to for everything from pancakes to pizzas. Use it well.

Quick fried egg or lightly toasted tortilla, anyone? Smithey’s non-stick griddle is lauded as a premium piece of cookware suitable for everyday use by 5-star reviewers who appreciate its even heat distribution, high quality, and smooth finish.

Oyster Camp Collar Shirt

Todd Snyder Oyster Camp Collar Shirt

100% Tencel. 1 Chest Pocket. Split Side Seams. Fabric From Turkey. Garment Made in Mauritius. Machine Wash Warm. Style Number SH802999.

Make sure your dad owns at least one cool casual shirt, namely this 100% tencel option with a single chest pocket from Todd Snyder.

Rains Fuse Cap

Rains Fuse Cap

Fuse Cap is headwear that references Rains’ Fuse transitional wear concept. The design reinterprets the iconic 5-panel snapback, with visible taped seams, and an adjustable elastic string for a secure fit. The design is finished with ventilation eyelets. Fuse Cap is cut from Rains’ crisp nylon with a luxe reverse side coating and soft matte finish.

Here’s an ideal replacement for your father’s go-to tattered baseball that should’ve been replaced ages ago. 

Curve Light Set

Curve Light Set

Bookman Curve Light is a bright, USB rechargeable bike light. The front light has a maximum brightness of 220 lumens and the the rear light has a maximum brightness of 37 lumen. Both lights have a very long run time of up to 70 hours for the front light and 32 hours for the rear light. More information about different modes can run-times can be found under Thec. spec. tab.The design of the glass, which spills over the sides, ensures a wide range of light, not only in front and to the rear of the cyclist but also off to the sides. This results in cyclist peace of mind that the light provides them with clear visibility of the roads as well as being visible to other travelers at 360 degrees around them.The completely weather resistant light (IP44) will show you the way through rain, hail or snow.

 Guaranteed to increase your visibility in the bike lane, the Curve Light Set is a must-have for cyclers. The duo includes rechargeable front and rear lights with up to 70 and 32 hours of run time, respectively.

Floating Points: Pharoah Sanders and the London Symphony Orchestra

Floating Points: Pharoah Sanders & the London Symphony Orchestra

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 12.44 x 12.28 x 0.55 inches; 10.72 OuncesManufacturer ‏ : ‎ Luaka BopOriginal Release Date ‏ : ‎ 2021Date First Available ‏ : ‎ February 15, 2021Label ‏ : ‎ Luaka BopASIN ‏ : ‎ B08WQ999Z3Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USANumber of discs ‏ : ‎ 1

Fans of this jazzy compilation refer to it as "brilliant" and "a magical music experience," so grab a copy for dad’s personal vinyl collection. 

Home Use Slicer

Berkel Home Use Slicer Home Line 200

The originality of Home Line 200 lies in its innovative design: essential and rounded lines define almost futurist contours, exalted by unmistakable Berkel red. Designed to amaze, captivate and above all to be exhibited, its extraordinarily compact size successfully concentrates materials and features for safety and quality cutting.

Designed to produce evenly sliced food while reducing waste in the process, ergonomic controls and a foldable food plate make this slicer a prized possession for anyone who receives it.

Vessel Cone


The Cone is made with the same patent-pending, double helix design for filtering and cooling. The ergonomically designed conical shape provides a more lightweight feel and hold, while creating more resistance and tighter pull. The Cone pays homage to the classic joint and is made to enhance your dry herb experience.

According to fans of Vessel’s cone, it’s easier to fill than other models, handles easily, is lightweight, and easy to clean. We’re also pretty impressed with the cool color options of rose gold, onyx, gunmetal, and maritime, a brilliant, sea-like blue.

 Key Case + Tool

Bellroy Key Case + Tool

Unlock your world with the flick of a thumb, and get out of jams in a pinch, with the made-for-each-other Key Case and Key Tool.

Here’s a multi-purposing mechanism sure to win dad’s approval: a key combined with a 4-in-1 multi-tool that includes a large and small flathead screwdriver, a box cutter, and bottle opener in a stainless steel case.

Joker Tool Set

Joker Switch 4 Set Ratcheting Wrenches by Wera

Wera's 'Joker' range of wrenches are beloved and trusted by the cycling, automotive and construction industries, the high quality craftsmanship and design of this ratcheting combination set is second to none. Features include: double-hex geometry, 30° wrench return angle and practical bolt holding functions, all of which increase productivity and reduce the risk of injury whilst in use. Practical holding function thanks to the metal plate in the jaw Limit stop prevents any slipping

Dad may not need a tool set made in the Czech Republic, but adding this to the gift list will prevent any future complaints of not owning a high-quality set.

Solar Watch

Solios The Solar Classic

The genesis of Solios’ watches, the Solar Classic is the undeniable proof that it is possible to combine elegance, green technology, and durable materials altogether. Our 8mm thin recycled stainless steel case is topped with the most minimalist look a solar watch can offer. The hardened mineral glass is covered with a robust sapphire crystal coating to limit scratches. At the heart, a solar cell allows the watch to recharge by itself and offers a 6-month energy reserve. In addition to promoting slow fashion with style, you'll never have to change your battery.

Use natural or artificial light to operate this attractive timepiece, which has a six-month power reserve, and comes in a certified recycled stainless steel case and a strap with two customizable options: eco-vegan leather or metal mesh. 

Rubber Jar Opener

Handyaid Rubber Jar Opener

The Handyaid has been around for over 80 years and in that time has amassed a cult following worldwide. It's still made by the daughter of the former owners, as she wants to continue their legacy and keep it available for devotees. Originally patented as a jar and bottle opener, the Handyaid can be used as a multi-purpose tool "wherever a hand needs help gripping." Loosen, tighten, pull, push, it protects your hand and the object you're handling. It also makes a good non-skid surface and can be used as a coaster or as a pad for vases, bowls, and other items. Details: Made of heavy duty natural latex rubber in the USA. Measurements: 5 inches in diameter and 1/8 inch thick.

 Skip the straining and get straight to the contents with this rubber-made tool that purports to protect your hand and whatever object you’re attempting to loosen, pull, push, or tighten.

Blue Leather Boules Set

Noble Macmillan Leather Boules Set

Noble Macmillan brings its ‘unashamedly traditional approach' to contemporary leather goods. Bring the outside in with this Boules set, artisan-made in the firm’s workshop in Andalucia and designed for indoor use. The blue calfskin leather box has a contrast suede interior and contains six boules and a wooden jack.

Stay game-ready with Noble Macmillan’s blue calfskin leather box with contrasting suede interior, which holds six boules and a wooden jack.

Pro Legacy Leather Boxing Package

Pro Legacy Leather Boxing Package

The ultimate vintage inspired Boxing & Fitness suite in our Legacy Brown & Cream Leather and save up to 15% on the RRP by purchasing this package deal*. This beautiful Leather Punching Bag & Gloves are made for heavy training, perfect for any home gym, boxing gym, hotel gym or even as a decorative item. Includes;Legacy Brown / Cream Leather Heavy Punching Bag (un-filled). Available in 3x sizes.PRO Cream / Brown Leather Boxing Gloves (Strap Up). Available in 12oz, 14oz / Hand Size (Small-Medium) / (Large-XL)Please note the Punching Bag is shipped without filling and will require stuffing (bag and chains only).

Recreate the intensity of a trainer-led gym workout with this durable, vintage-inspired glove and punching bag duo.

Takibi Fire & Grill

Snow Peak Takibi Fire and Grill

The Takibi Fire and Grill is made of durable stainless steel and designed in Japan for a lifetime of use. Packable, portable and modular, use the Takibi Fire and Grill to create a gathering anywhere. The five-piece set includes Grill Net, Grill Bridge, Pack & Carry Fireplace L, Baseplate, and Carrying Case. To cook with charcoal, add on the Fireplace Coal Bed (L). The Takibi Fire and Grill is the heart of an expansive product collection, including Snow Peak’s FR & Takibi apparel, Fire Tool Set, and Jikaro Firering Table.

Modular in nature and designed in Japan, Snow & Peaks’ 5-piece stainless steel is an undeniable patio star. Each set includes a grill net, grill bridge, pack and carry fireplace, baseplate, and carrying case.

A-Frame Tent

The Get Out A-Frame Tent

Our version of the classic A-Frame tent. Pick your base and then choose your fly. 24 combinations to choose your own adventure. Remove the fly to expose the full mesh walls for a night under the stars without the bugs. Doors on each end with secondary mesh zipper doors. The tent bag doubles as an adventure duffle and can be worn as a backpack. Our most lightweight and portable option, this tent is ideal for camping trips, beach days, the park or even your own backyard.

Outdoorsy dads appreciate anything that makes setup go smoother and quicker, like this classic A-Frame structure with full mesh walls, zipper doors, and accompanying tent duffel bag-turned-backpack. 

We love the products we feature and hope you do, too. If you buy something through a link on the site, we may earn an affiliate commission.    

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