Turkey Day Feast

Turkey Day Feast

Roasted Turkey (done in a roaster oven)

Roaster Oven Turkey


Im fond of turkey roasted in my roaster oven as they always come out so moist done that way. This year Im actually doing a duck for Thanksgiving rather than turkey, so it will be interesting to see if those come out nicely roasted this way. If you dont own a roaster oven, they are really getting cheap and around Christmas, can be had for around $25-$29. They are excellent for extra oven space when you entertain or during holiday gatherings and your oven is full to the brim. They bake cakes, muffins, cookies, and meats just beautifully!

And what turkey would be complete without a good batch of stuffing? This recipe, modified to be low-carb, has been in my family for years. I think youll like it. I like to bake my dressing separately from the bird as I like the crusty bits on top:

Southern Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing

Although we debate on what side dishes we want to have this year with the two basics above, we keep coming back to these two recipes:

Green Bean Casserole

Smoked Gouda Cauliflower

And of course, there must be a sweet, tangy cranberry sauce to top things off. And why not spike it a bit?:

Bourbon-Pecan Cranberry Sauce

To top it all off, a lovely dinner roll is in order for the holiday table:

Einkorn Dinner Rolls

That just brings us to the pice de rsistance, dessert. Oh, the dilemma! If I do my Black Forest Cake, a cheesecake, I have learned that most guests are full to the brim before dessert time. So I usually decide on light rather than rich and heavy and go with Moms light, fluffy, and tasty Pumpkin Pie baked off in a low-carb pie crust. My biggest decision then is simply whether to make a single large pie or individual serving pies.

Moms Light Fluffy Pumpkin Pie

At a time to be thankful for family, friends and good food to share with them, I cant imagine a more bountiful meal to serve. May all my readers be blessed with a lovely holiday celebration this year.

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