Turning Rotisserie Chicken into Delicious New Dishes

Turning Rotisserie Chicken into Delicious New Dishes

Pre-pandemic, on busy days when I had no time to cook, I often put one of those ubiquitous rotisserie chickens in my cart for dinner. Typically, I carved the bird and served it drizzled with some of the juices collected in its plastic container. Simple sides, roasted asparagus sprinkled with sea salt and quick couscous scented with a pinch of saffron or turmeric would complete a meal. Now, I am looking at that same rotisserie fowl with a different eye, re-purposing it to make more interesting dishes. 

A spring casserole prepared with diced chicken, snow peas, and sautéed mushrooms is a new all-in-one main course that I created recently for supper. Chicken salad with chutney, lime, and cilantro is tempting served on its own or used for open-faced sandwiches. Finally, a soup prepared with shredded chicken, black beans, and corn, all floating in a peppery tomato and chicken stock is another dish for which I rely on the supermarket bird.

I’ve included all three recipes here, along with suggestions for substitutions since grocery shopping today is often a hit or miss experience. The recipes serve four to six, but feel free to halve them or increase them to suit your needs.

I hope these dishes will provide some variety at your table, and lift your spirits as well. As always, stay safe and well.

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