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A6324 – Bloch Quatro Mesh Compartment Bag

A6324 – Bloch Quatro Mesh Compartment Bag

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Introducing the new Quatro organiser compartment bag, featuring a roll-up design that packs flat to take up minimal room in your luggage, handbag or dance bag. The convenient roll-up design makes this ideal for travel and can fold out to make each compartment easily accessible. A handy feature is the attached clip which allows you to hang your favourite go to essential items in your dressing room, car or studio. The compartments are split into three medium sized pockets for your smaller hair accessories and make-up, with a larger section that can even accommodate a pair of pointe shoes.

The lightweight mesh detailing across the pockets keep your accessories smelling fresh, why not pick up some to help with any additional odours that need a little extra help. Zipper closures adorn each compartment, with the Bloch logo on the front of the bag and zippers for a special touch. Once you are done with using your Bloch Quatro compartment bag, simply roll it up and secure with the wide elastic to keep everything neatly in place.

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