Bellydance: Teacher's book (Methodology, guidance and didactic resources)

Bellydance: Teacher's book (Methodology, guidance and didactic resources)

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Author: Felices, Amaya

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 255

Release Date: 15-10-2012

Details: "Bellydance: Teacher's Book" is a didactic guide with exercises to facilitate the teaching of this dance. Throughout the years, the author has been comparing the diverse teaching styles of her dancing teachers with the didactic courses that she has been attending and her work as Secondary teacher. She extracted some ideas that she has put into practice in her job as a belly dance teacher. Willing to put her conclusions in writing and being helped by her educational knowledge, the author has decided to create this book with the hope that it will help women who, dancing well, wish to learn some of the didactic aspects of teaching. This book is also inspired by the didactic materials and resources accesible in other subjects but not usually available for this particular discipline. The main aim is to facilitate the teaching to Eastern dance teachers. She says: Above all, teaching is knowing how to transmit that knowledge, how to organize and to structure your lessons and how to motivate the students for them, once they connect with this dance, never to stop dancing". The author, Amaya Felices, is a Chemical Engineer with a First Degree in English Philology; a teacher of Secondary Education and a fitness trainer. She has been teaching the Belly dance since 2004 in her native city, Saragossa (Spain). She also combines her working life with a busy family one, being a mother of two young boys.

Languages: English