Dancing in Two Realms: A Love Story Beyond Death (Full Color Version)

Dancing in Two Realms: A Love Story Beyond Death (Full Color Version)

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Author: Higgins, Anne Marie

Edition: 1

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 364

Release Date: 07-10-2015

Details: See amazing full-color photographs of phenomena and events beyond earthly description.

Prepare yourself to be inspired by an incredible story of hope and undying love beyond death. Anne Marie and Tim Higgins were looking forward to celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary when Tim was diagnosed with leukemia. He died 18 days later. Blindsided by the devastating events, nothing could have prepared Anne Marie for what was to come next.

Anne Marie and Tim had always considered themselves to be logical, rational people. She is a nurse practitioner and he was a city court judge. Throughout their marriage, Tim often said he did not believe in an afterlife, “When we die, it’s over.” Anne Marie wanted to believe in something more, but her questioning, scientific mind went along with Tim. Then when her departed husband began communicating with her, Anne Marie’s reality and belief system completely changed.

In this moving memoir, join Anne Marie on her path of enlightenment as she learns what can happen after the death of a loved one. Follow how her journey of unrelenting grief was soothed as Tim communicated to her in many ways and many forms, mostly in hawks.

Witness the capability to Dance in Two Realms.

Languages: English