Jagdlied: a Chamber Novel for Narrator, Musicians, Pantomimists, Dancers & Culinary Artists (color paperback)

Jagdlied: a Chamber Novel for Narrator, Musicians, Pantomimists, Dancers & Culinary Artists (color paperback)

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Author: Landon, Dolly Gray

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 1022

Release Date: 15-08-2018


Listed as a "Top 10 Book" of 2018—AMY'S BOOKSHELF REVIEWS

“…flabbergasted … by the magnitude (bigger than Our Bodies, Ourselves) … the multi-media Gesamtkunstwerk ambitions … the Joycean wordplay … exuberant code-switching, diction-mixing, blending of disparate linguistic ingredients into previously unknown harmonies and cacophonies. Like Finnegans Wake or The Anatomy of Melancholy … I look forward to dipping into it for years to come”—CHRISTOPHER MILLER, AUTHOR

“The term 'page turner' was coined for this book”—LITERARY TITAN.

"…a roller-coaster that keeps you on the edge of your seat … an extraordinary reading experience … bound to keep you glued to your seat till the very end."—ONLINE BOOK CLUB

“…the creative genius of Landon is delivered at full throttle … I loved this book … a wholly unique concept … Highly recommended!”—READERS’ FAVORITE

“…a thriller novel unlike any other…”.”—URBAN BOOK REVIEWS

“…one of those ‘oh my gosh!’ books … totally outlandish … genius…”—READERS’ FAVORITE

“…monumental … Perils of Pauline on steroids … masterful, stylistic and complex … uniquely entertaining and truly worth experiencing.—AUTHORSREADING

"…an experience not to be missed!"—GOLFWELL

“…not for the faint of heart.”—READERS’ FAVORITE

“…impossible to put down…"—RED HEADED BOOKREADER

Suffused with scathing satire from cover to cover, this award-winning “chamber novel” is a deeply unsettling, intellectually probing, neurotically supercharged, musico-graphically enriched psychological suspense thriller about the artfully revengineered conspiratorial undoing of a complacent, over-coddled, trust-funded teenage entitlement princess who is possessed of an eminently questionable code of ethics and morals. The book’s anti-heroine is a beautiful young heiress, socialite, and sugar-daddy-seeking subdebutantilizer called Melody whose inheritance comprises an immense fortune amassed through shareholder investments in the wor

Languages: English