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Let Them Bellydance

Let Them Bellydance

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Author: Ghory, Adam

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 53

Release Date: 30-05-2016

Details: A few poems to delight you in the midnight hour.


catch forever
in a daydream
flock to flowers
to smell the dew
mince the meat
spill the blood
live grotesquely
full of love
hunt for squirrels
beg for rice
lose possessions
and appetite
make amends
with peace on earth
forgive your darling
for what it's worth


Survive the flood
To dance again
Through weeping willows
Cry and sing
Give us hope
It's too late now
To crash the party
With uncertainty
The life you have
Is better spent
In holy focus
Than paying rent
The love I have
I cherish deeply
Like a melting snowman
My heart grows warm


Oh to dance another day
To Frolic in the sway
To bow deep and genuinely
For a hand soft and tenderly

Ode to youth and bouncy step
To careful carefree soon regrets
An alabaster floor we tumble
Shocked, brood and sigh we tremble

Old hickory smiles and smirks
Like the wrinkles? He whips and flirts
The sun is setting, my dear old friend
Another two-step? She widely grins

Languages: English

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