The Bride & Groom's Wedding Checklist & Planner Guide

The Bride & Groom's Wedding Checklist & Planner Guide

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Author: Grenier, Heather

Edition: Pap/Cdr

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 312

Release Date: 01-03-2010

Details: This book was inspired by every bride and groom who has woken up more than two months from their wedding in a cold sweat wondering if there is anything else they could have possibly forgotten. You will learn how to start the entire process off on a good foot by telling your families and finishing the engagement process. Ring selection, engagement parties, and the expectations of family and friends should be your first priority before any other planning begins. You will then start the process by setting budget parameters, outlining who will be paying for what, and creating guest lists for seating, catering, and further planning. You will learn how to compromise and not expect everything to be done your way when there are so many people involved, but how to still be happy with the end result. Wedding planners and successfully married couples have been interviewed and their stories have been included to provide you with their insight into the world of the planning from start to finish. You will learn how to develop a successful wedding plan and how to decide if you need professional help or not. This book even covers the ins and outs of choosing a religious or civil service, and how to finalize and set the date. Everything you need for your big day will be laid out in a detailed checklist, including transportation, locations, reception options, catering, protocol, photography, guest services, the dress, the groom s tux, the rings, the gifts, the cake, the best man and maid of honor, and ultimately, the honeymoon. For every freshly engaged couple preparing for their big day, this book and companion CD-ROM will be a guiding force in setting and establishing your wedding plan and checklist.

Note: The Kindle edition of this book does not include any CDs or DVDs.

Languages: English