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If you've been dancing for years, chances are you've got an entire closet full of dance bags. If you haven't danced for years, chances are this is your first competition. Either way, you probably have a whole lot of stuff to pack.

Here are my tips for packing a dance bag.

1. Pick a bag. Any bag will do. A small backpack works well.

2. Make sure you have enough room for your stuff. Don't pack your dance bag like a suitcase. Leave plenty of space.

3. Put everything in its place. Start with your tights and shoes. Then put your costumes on top of these. Next, put your accessories on top of your costumes. Finally, pack your dance bag.

4. Go through your dance bag once a week. Take everything out and look at it. Put things away that you don't use anymore. Throw away old clothes, tights, shoes, etc.

5. Keep your dance bag organized. Use a label maker to write on your dance bag. Then put your dance bag in a plastic bin. When you find something you need, pull it out.

6. When you leave home for practice, rehearsal, competitions, etc., take your dance bag with you. You might also want to bring a second bag to carry your extra gear.

7. Before you leave for practice, rehearse, etc., make sure you have all your materials together. Bring your dance bag with you so you can check off all your items.

8. After you finish practice or rehearsals, throw out your dance bag.

9. If you are going to a competition, you may want to bring your dance bag along. But remember, you only need ONE dance bag. So don't pack two dance bags.

10. When you arrive at the competition, you should be able to find your dance bag easily.

11. After you win, you should be able congratulate yourself. And then you should take a picture of yourself holding your dance bag.

12. Send those pictures to your friends. Tell them what you did to win.

13. Repeat Steps 11 and 12 every year until you win.

14. Congratulations!


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