Dance Bag Rack

How I Organize My Costumes with a Dance Bag Rack?

Dance bags have been around for a long time. However, it wasn't until a few years ago that someone finally came up with the idea of a dance bag rack. This rolling bag closet was a significant improvement in organizing the duffel dance bag.

They took a standard duffle bag and added a built-in telescopic garment rack. This made it easier to carry, organize and access your dance clothes. They created a product that was both practical and useful for dancers.

After recital or class, it folds down into a compact size.

With the newest design, there are now four multi-directional wheels! In fact, it's so convenient that you might even forget you have it, which is precisely the point.

Why did they do this? Why would anyone bother to improve something that worked?

Most bags were not designed with dancers' needs in mind. Instead, they were meant to be used with all kinds of general clothing.

They're too small to hold shoes. They're too big to carry dance accessories.

They're ugly.

So what would happen if you combined the strengths of two great products? What if you combined the best parts of a duffle bag and a garment rack?

You'd have a versatile dance bag rack that fits every dancer's needs.

It's got a large main compartment. There's plenty of room for shoes, socks, leotards, tights, costumes and whatever else you might want to bring to class.

There's also a smaller mesh pocket for dance accessories. And there's a special telescoping garment rack inside the larger section. So you can hang all your dancewear right there.

You shouldn't need to think about organizing your dance bag. 

That's why it should be perfect.

And that's why it should be this dance bag rack.

Dance Bag Rack

Dance Bag Rack
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