How Do You Hang Up A Dance Costume?

Dance costumes are expensive and require a lot of care. They need to be hung properly so that they don't wrinkle or tear. Proper storage also keeps the costumes clean and dry.

The first thing you need to do when storing dance costumes is to hang them on a hanger. Hangers are available in most stores that sell clothing. 

If you want to store your costumes in boxes, then you need to label each box with the name of the costume and what's inside.

You can also put accessories like leotards and tights in drawers.

Dance costumes should not be mixed with regular clothes. Hangers should be hung evenly spaced. No gaps between hangers. All hangers should be clean. Clean hangers look nicer.

You should always keep your dance costumes out of the sun. Sunlight fades colors and causes fabrics to fade. If you wear a lot of dance costumes, you may want to buy a storage unit. It's cheaper than buying a bunch of boxes.

How do you hang up a dance costume?

This is an important question because it's something we all struggle with at some point.

I know I did when I first started dancing. I would buy a new pair of shoes, then go back to my closet and try to figure out where to put them.

It didn't matter whether they were heels or flats, boots or sandals, ballet slippers or tap shoes, I couldn't decide which one went where.

So I'd end up putting them all in the same shoe bag. Then I'd forget about them until I needed them again.

Eventually, I realized that there was no rhyme or reason to where I kept my costumes. So I decided to organize them by type.

Now I have a special storage area for each type of costume. This helps me remember which ones go where.

Here's how I store my costumes:

1. Shoes - I have a shoe rack in my bedroom.

2. Sandals - I have a shoe organizer under my bed.

3. Ballet Slippers - I have a shoe caddy in my closet.

4. Tap Shoes - I have a shelf above my dresser.

5. Heels - I have a shoe basket in my closet.

6. Boots - I have a shoe box in my closet.

7. Accessories - I have a jewelry box in my bathroom.

8. Clothes - I have a hanging clothes rod in my closet.

9. Tights - I have a drawer in my dresser.

10. Sweaters - I have a sweater bin in my closet.

11. Skirts - I have a skirt rack in my closet.


Dance Costume Storage

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