What Shoes Are in My Dance Bag?

You are ready to perform! A dancer should always have her favorite pair of dancing shoes in her bag. These are the ones she practices in every day. She should also have a second pair of shoes that she uses during performances.

Dancing Shoes

These are the shoes you wear when you dance. They should fit well, be comfortable, and provide support.

Ballet Shoes

Ballet shoes are designed specifically for dancing. They are made of leather or vinyl and come in various colors and patterns. Ballet shoes should be worn only when performing.

Turning Shoes

Turning shoes are used when practicing turns. They are made of foam rubber and come in different sizes. Turning shoes are usually black or red and are available in pairs.

Tap Shoes

Tap shoes are used to practice tapping. Tap shoes are made of plastic and come in several styles. They are usually sold in sets of two.

Pointe Shoes Pointe shoes are used to practice pointe work. Pointe shoes are usually made of leather and come in different shapes and sizes.

Jazz Shoes Jazz shoes are used when practicing jazz steps. Jazz shoes are made of leather and come with different designs.

Hip Hop Sneakers Hip hop sneakers are used when practicing hip hop moves. Hip hop sneakers are usually made of canvas and come in different colors.


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