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A Buyer’s Guide to Shopping and Choosing the Best Suit Hangers

As a professional or just a lover of formal wear, you probably have a closet full of suits that you wear for work, meetings, and other appointments on your calendar. A crisp and clean suit can make a huge first impression as soon as you walk into a room. In fact, the proper storing of them can keep you looking presentable, wrinkle free, and looking your best every day. This all starts by choosing the best hanger for your suit. The right features and characteristics of a hanger can make all the difference on how you present yourself to the world.

When you are trying to decide what hangers work for you, keep a few things in mind before you begin your search. Take measurements of your suit jackets to make sure you are buying the right size hanger to fit your suit. Second, think about what type of material works best for your closet and closet rods. What type of look are you going for? All of these questions should be answered before you start looking, so you know exactly what to buy. Consider the following options when choosing a good suit hanger to keep in your closet.

What Is a Suit Hanger?

A suit hanger is made specifically for storing suits of all kinds. It is thicker and sturdier than the average plastic or wire hanger. This durable feature is designed to properly maintain the shoulders of your suit jacket and designed to keep your actual body features in mind. The more rounded characteristics help keep the shape in its original form. Some also have a trouser bar that can be felted or clips to hold your pants in place.

Investing in a good set of suit hangers is going to add years to the life of your clothes. You should never compromise a cheaper price for the preservation of a suit. When you do, you could be losing hundreds of dollars of clothing in a short period of time.

Wood Hangers

A wooden hanger is the most popular type of suit hanger to purchase. They can come in different wood tones that range from a light natural wood to a deep cherry wood. These hangers are thick and sturdy which is perfect for carrying a suit jacket. Look for a wishbone or contoured hanger when purchasing one. This ensures that the jacket keeps its structure while in your closet and stops any drooping or stretching at the seams.

The wood hangers can also support any vests or waistcoats you may have that accompany your suit. You can layer the two together to save on space as it won’t compromise the shaping of your clothes.

Some wooden suit hangers do have a felted or textured bar designed to hold your pants in place while have metal clips that you attach pant cuffs or waistbands to. Both designs stop wrinkles and other blemishes from appearing.

Metal Hangers

While wire hangers are not good for suits, there are other metallic options available if you like that look. You should always choose thick, high-quality metal hangers like stainless steel to handle your suits. These hangers are rounded for shoulder support and typically have metal clips to hold your pants. The key is to choose durable metal that is non-corrosive and can withstand the heaviness of a suit.

Metal hangers are great for those who are seeking a more modern or sleek look for their closet. They are long lasting and waterproof if coated. There is no need to worry about mold or disintegration of any kind if stored according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Metal hangers are ideal for both commercial and everyday household use. They don’t break easily and warping of the material is non-existent. These hangers last a long time.

Plastic Hangers

You can also choose durable plastic hangers for your suits. Their look are similar to wooden ones in that it has the same curves and wishbone shape to keep clothes structured correctly. The molded plastic should be lightweight but also sturdy enough to carry a suit jacket and vest. A texturized bar holds the pants in place.

Plastic hangers can be the best option for people who have a smaller budget. They are mold and rust resistant and come in a variety of sizes and colors. While they may not be as strong as wood or metal, they can still last you a long time when taken care of.

Men Versus Women

Since men and women are built differently, it is only natural for suit hangers to be as well. For men, the hangers are typically accompanied by a pants bar or clips to hold them while in the closet. The measurements for a man’s hanger can range from standard to XXL and beyond.

Women’s hangers can also vary in size depending on what you need. Petite and larger sizes are available to store suits. Typically, women’s hangers tend to have clips to hold your garments together rather than just a bar. This makes it versatile enough to be used for pant suits or skirt suits.

Of course, it’s not unheard of to interchange women’s and men’s hangers if availability of one or the other is limited. Just make sure the measurements match your jackets and other pieces. The beauty of suit hangers is just that—they are truly versatile.

If you are one of those people who put your suits on any cheap wire hanger you can find, you are unnecessarily damaging your clothes just by doing so. An improper hanger for your suit can stretch out and twists the material in ways that can compromise its integrity. You can absolutely avoid this by choosing a hanger that is designed to keep your clothing looking fresh and neat. Whether you choose a suit hanger made from wood, metal, or plastic, know that you are taking the extra step in keeping your clothes in top shape. With the right research and preparation, you are going to have a closet full of suits that can last you for decades. Hangers really do make all the difference.