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Ballet Gray Marley Stable Portable Dance Floor - Size 32"

Ballet Gray Marley Stable Portable Dance Floor - Size 32"

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WHY BALLET GRAY MARLEY? Because Ballerinas are SPECIAL! and many Ballet Studios prefer Gray over Black Marley because it is easier to see those Ballet Feet for corrections. Practice, Improve and Grow your skill level faster with Ballet Gray Marley . Ideal for placement by your Ballet Barre and creating that Home Ballet Studio you've always dreamed about! (NO construction needed!) WHY MARLEY? Marley is globally accepted as the SAFEST surface to dance and perform on because it creates what is commonly referred to as "Controlled Slip". A leading reason why dancers get injured is dancing on the wrong surface. Help prevent injuries and stress on the body dancing on the SAFEST SURFACE, Marley . is also a STABLE surface, a solid Marley Dance Floor that can even be used on carpet! This is the GENUINE BRAND made out of AUTHENTIC MARLEY (unlike other products on the market that are NOT USING AUTHENTIC MARLEY). Marley is accepted World Wide as the SAFEST SURFACE to dance and perform on. The front side of is Authentic Dance and Stage Flooring called "Marley". It is the Black or Gray stuff you see in Dance Studios and on stages globally. Marley creates just the right amount of "Controlled Slip" INCREASING SAFETY for the Dancer. is designed as a circle to aide in what is commonly referred to as "Spotting" when doing dance/ballet turns like A La Seconde, Pirouettes and Fouettes. The back of is a specially engineered Non-Slip GYM MAT. You can use BOTH SIDES! The GYM MAT provides SAFETY for the user and SAFETY for the surface it is placed on. (SAVE Mom’s Floors at home!) Perfect for breaking in those new Pointe Shoes SAFELY! Great for ALL AGES and ALL LEVELS. Easy to travel with to Dance Competitions so you can warm up SAFELY before hitting the stage. is your Quick and Easy HOME DANCE STUDIO and your SAFE SPOT on a MARLEY DOT. 4 Sizes Ship Worldwide. Available in Black on other listings.

Handcrafted in the USA with exceptional Quality and special for Ballerinas, Gray Marley makes it easier to see those Ballet Feet for corrections. Quick and Easy Ballet Home Dance Studio Marley Floor INCREASES SAFETY for the dancer, while protecting the floor it is used on.

Ideal to use with Ballet Pointe Shoes and Ballet Barre. Helps you Improve and Growth Skills faster with the ability to see your feet better with a Gray surface versus Black.

SAFETY FEATURE engineered low to the ground, < 3/8ths, with a Tapered Edge to aid and help Prevent injuries. Lightweight, Portable, with a SAFE TUCKABLE Nautical Grade Carrying Handle that facilitates dancing SAFELY and easily taking EVERYWHERE YOU GO!

Multi-use STABLE Floor you can use BOTH SIDES on ANY surface. Authentic Marley front side and a Non-Slip GYM MAT back. Helps prevent a wobbly foot and perfect to break in new Pointe Shoes.

Endless uses and benefits for Ballet, Ballerinas, Dancers, Gymnasts, Rhythmic Gymnasts, Contortunists, Figure Skaters, Ice Skaters, Roller Skating Dance, Jazz, Modern and Contemporary Dancers, Cheer, Song Leaders, Pep Squad, Modeling, Photoshoots

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