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Dan Moore Vibraphone Mallets (Jazz Vibe)

Dan Moore Vibraphone Mallets (Jazz Vibe)

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This series of marimba/vibraphone mallets was devd for musician, composer, and educator Dr. Dan Moore. For Dan, creating music is the art of sculpting sound. Whether in a live concert of in the recording studio, making art with sound is all about choosing the right tools to chisel, smooth, hammer, and shape your music. All the mallets in the line highlight Moore's signature full-bodied, resonant, and "fruity" sound. These mallets work well on vibes and marimba and can be mixed and matched to help you create your own sculpture in sound. JAZZ VIBE - Slightly lighter than the DM26, the works well in the upper registers of the marimba for combo/ensemble performance. It features a rich tone with good projection and a modern jazz sound. The also works well for unaccompanied vibes performance.

Jazz vibraphone mallets

Black cord wrap

Rattan handles

Rich tone with good projection and modern jazz sound

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