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Full Length Nano Film Mirror with Stand Ultralight Shatterproof 63"x24", Gold Standing Floor or Wall Mounted Mirror, Full Body Rectangular Dressing Mirror

Full Length Nano Film Mirror with Stand Ultralight Shatterproof 63"x24", Gold Standing Floor or Wall Mounted Mirror, Full Body Rectangular Dressing Mirror

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is an innovative mirror manufacturer. We spent 10 years developing flexible film full length mirrors to solve the problems of heavy, fragile and unreal reflection of ordinary mirrors. The soft mirror is mainly made of nanotechnology and matched with thin aluminum alloy frame. It is not only durable, but also very exquisite. It is suitable for rooms with any decoration style, such as bedroom, cloakroom, living room, entrance corridor, shopping mall, school, children's room and fitness center. The reflection of the full length mirror with stand is real. The makeup and skin color you see in the floor mirror full length are real without color difference. Hanging mirrors on the wall and using cloth to make backboards can avoid scratching the walls. Of course, the biggest difference between this mirror and ordinary mirror is that it's shatter proof. Even if it is hit or fell, the standing mirror full length will not break. If you have children or naughty pets at home, this mirror will save you a lot of worry. Size: 20"X60" / 24"x63" / 24"x71" Color: Black / Gold / Silver / White Style: with / without bracket Packing: There is a rope to hang the mirror. This full body mirror is very light. You can hang the mirror on a strong adhesive hook. Be Careful: 1. The mirror is made of soft film, so avoid poking the mirror surface with sharp tools. If your mirror has small dents, you can use a hair dryer to reduce the marks. 2. If the mirror is very dirty, wipe it with alcohol, water or neutral cleaning solution.

Large Size Shatterproof Mirror-This black big gym mirror were made of 0.04 film material, it is a totally large glassless soft mirror, the size is about 63*20 inch, full length floor shatterproof mirror is a innovative magic mirror in the market

Lightweight Full Length Mirror -The floor mirror with a stand is lightweight, and easy to move for home gym, dance studios, fitness central , and workout rooms, the floor length mirror is best way to protect your students and trainers from broken glass , besides , a women/girl can easily lift the white full body mirror , put the long mirror in any place in the room .

Soft Mirror with HD Surface-The wall mirror full length have a HD surface, it is more real and clear than glass mirrors and acrylic mirror.

Big Mirrors for Gym-This large floor mirror is perfect for home gym, fitness room and workout room, you can easily hang it on the wall, put it on the roof of the room or mounted horizontally on the wall, leaning against the wall or hanging around the dance studio to check your each movement .

100% Soft Safety Mirrors- mirror is 100% soft shatterproof mirror, in the gym or dance room, in the home activity room or gym provides the same motivating experience as they do in professional fitness central. Large fitness center mirrors are beneficial even if the room is used only for weights, lifting, yoga or any fitness regimen., glassless large mirror used in gym, weight training centers, rehabilitation centers, martial art studio, school gymnasiums, fitness center, yoga studio

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