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LED Lighted Mirror Double Sided 15X Magnification, Silver Chrome

LED Lighted Mirror Double Sided 15X Magnification, Silver Chrome

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The Mirrors! A collection of sleek and glamorous mirrors for all your beauty needs inspired by the desire to make you look and feel good. Getting ready now becomes more exciting and you deserve to look glamorous. Making it come alive for all your beauty needs with today’s demand for technology and convenience is the new 10X Magnification LED Hands Free Sensor Pivoted Vanity Mirror with 3 Light Settings in Chrome. It packs state of the art technology to illuminate your beauty and hands-free at that. Almost! With just the touch of a button, the lights come on. The hands-free sensor function helps conserve energy and extend the lifespan of your mirror by automatically turning off the mirror when motion is not detected after 10 seconds. You can get 3 light settings that suit the time of the day – Daytime, Office and Evenings! The LED lighting gives uniform brightness and the long-lasting bulbs leave a lower carbon footprint. The mirror is pivoted on the firm stand making it truly versatile. The 10X magnification mirror ensures that no detail is small to be ignored while addressing your make-up needs. Optical precision glass ensures that you see cleanly and clearly without distortion. The mirror is powered with an included AC adapter and can be used with 4 AA batteries too. Not surprisingly, you will wonder how you managed without this it all along! Interestingly, many people overlook the fact that a good, high quality mirror is one of the most important beauty tools that one can have. In a world without mirrors, everyone would be walking around with lipstick on their upper lip or mascara on their eyebrows! Make a statement of style with the latest collection of cosmetic mirrors and purse accessories from by Upper Canada. With an extensive range of finishes and details, mirrors complement any home decor while providing a wide range of magnification to provide optimal precision for all grooming needs. All mirrors are precision-made of the highest quality optical glass, aesthetically appealing, functional, and suitable for a variety of needs. Providing both regular and magnified vision capabilities, mirrors come in a variety of styles including counter top, wall-mounted, hand-held and suction

10X MAGNIFICATION PIVOTED MIRROR IN ELEGANT STEM DESIGN– Get detail views of your face with THE 10X mirror on a pivoted classic chrome frame design. Make up sessions can now be pleasurable and be done more precisely and quickly. The extra dab of mascara or the sharper line in your eyes can be better judged!

SENSOR TECHNOLOGY AND LED LIGHTS – Illuminate your beauty - Get Sensor Technology to work for you with the power of LED lights. While the LEDs provide uniform lighting on your face reflected ever so clearly on Ultra precision glass, Sensor Technology turns the mirror on and off as needed. Works with an AC adapter or batteries

ROTATING 360 DEGREES – The mirror can be flipped on the pivot giving a full 360-degree rotational movement. Not only does it make it convenient, it surely helps in making the beauty make up session more pleasurable.

UPCLOSE MAGNIFICATION - 15X mag experienced an icnh away from mirror

MIRRORS: Each mirror comes with the sterling reputation built over 30 years. Crystal clear, distortion free precision-crafted quality glass and optics for all your beauty needs. This delightful addition in classic timeless chrome is a no brainer on your desktop, the bathroom or your dresser

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