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Oval Black Metal Pivot Bathroom Vanity Mirror Tilting Vanity Mirrors for Wall 19 x 24''

Oval Black Metal Pivot Bathroom Vanity Mirror Tilting Vanity Mirrors for Wall 19 x 24''

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Visit Factory from HERE... Ever since 1989, we've been focusing on all kinds of mirror manufacturing. Quality is born in our DNA, still insists using premium metals as well as TSCA certified backboard, and all items are been electro-plated instead of powder coating to achieve the expensive and metallic look. KEY PRODUCT FEATURES HOW Bracket Works Bracket Details To ensure the best construction and sturdiness, we designed two mounting screw holes to secure safety after wall mounting. To fit the vintage aesthetic, the bracket is a one piece design with rounded edge details, to acheive both a vintage while functional style. Pivot Stability How pivot mirror works This tiltable mirror will stay positioned when pivoting, won't naturally pivot down. And simply use a ball finial (included) to loose or tighten the mirror. Works very similar to other high end retailers, this is by far the most simple and easy way to install a pivot mirror, and ONLY offered by . Maximum Tilting Angel 3 inches is the perfect angle to Tilt This beautiful rectangle pivoting mirror sticks out 3 inches to the wall, to secure the best functionality of this mirror, capable to fit either your wainscot or different height of people. Seamless Metal Frame QUALITY IS IN EVERY DETAILS Framed in metal for the best strength of this mirror, we used premium metal to product this mirror, to secure either the construction, but also for super sturbility, and extremely safe for bathroom use. How Mirrors are getting packaged To make sure the mirrors arrive perfectly to customer's hands, we updated our packaging starting last month, from the traditional separate styrofoam packing to one piece designed styrofoam, not only more safer, but also to secuare all hanging parts are been included to meet our world class services. HARDWARE WARANTTY FREE HARDWARE REPLACEMENT WITHIN 3 MONTHS All the hardware are been carefully packed within the styrofam with a RED tape. If your order is coming with damaged or missed parts, please do NOT worry, and feel free to reach out, our team will get your issue fixed within 12 hours. ALSO IN THIS COLLECTION Previous page Vertical Hanging Two hanging versions are designed for this pivot mirror. Vertical Pill Shaped Inspired by the mid-century style, this unique capsule shaped bathroom mirror is elegant, simple and so modern. Pill Round Mirrors The most classic shape with exquisite finishes, making this mirror so contemporary and farmhouse looking. Cricle Oval Mirrors Unlike rectangle ones, oval mirror can easily give the space a understated vibe, making a square room look more warm and cosy. Oval Medicine Cabinet Featuring a both metal frame and cabinet, this can be your best bathroom storage, an easy update will make your room much more spacious and clean. Storage Hang without brackets This mirror is also coming in a wall mounted version without pivot brackets. Check the link below to explore more. Rectangle Next page DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZED MIRRORS? We have a team who is specifically offering FREE design services for our customers, if you have any questions regarding choosing which mirror fits more ply to your space, you are always so much welcomed to contact our crew. A professional mirror maker over 30 year EXPLORE HARDWARE AND COLORS We want to manufacture a mirror which is durable, sturdy and can last decades. Therefore, the brackets which hold this mirror in place becomes the key feature. After rounds and rounds of testing, we made this hardware by premium metal and the installation is extremely simple, just secure the ball finials to the brackets. And you are all set. This mirror has been tested to hold up to 80 pounds and also the finishes have been tested to stay still in extreme weather. COLORS What we are most proud of is we made all of our mirrors via electro-plated technique to achieve the accent piece vibe. Compared to painting, the electro-plated finishing process is more metallic and luxrious. Also safer for bathroom since it is water resistant and super sturdy. MEET OTHER MIRROR COLLECTIONS Farmhouse Charlston Lutalo Blakey Javellion Charlsa Rosa Shape Rounded Rectangle Squared Rectangle Capsule Squared Rectangle Rounded Rectangle Squared Rectangle Circle Bevel Glass Yes Yes No Yes No No No Hanging Option Pivot Brackets Pivot Brackets D-ring Pivot Brackets D-ring Pivot Brackets D-ring Colors Avaliable Standard 5 colors Standard 5 colors Standard 5 colors Standard 5 colors Standard 5 colors Standard 5 colors Standard 5 colors Hardware Included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


PRACTICAL YET BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: One of our best-selling pivot bathroom mirror collection! Framed in metal for unrivaeld strength. Tilting up or down to adjust viewing angle for either standing or seated mirror use. Also this pivoting mirror is coming with an elegant and generous 3/4'' bevel. An easy fit in your bathroom aesthetics no matter it's Chic Modern or Rustic Farmhouse.

DIMENSION: Overall (Includes Pivot Grommets): 22" wide x 3" deep x 24" high, Excludes Tilot Gromments: 19 inch by 24 inch

STURDY WALL BRACKETS: This oval black tilt vanity mirror comes with adjustable wall brackets , each bracket is premium quality zinc alloy material, which is extremely durable and safe, avoid loosening, slipping or rust found in some other cheaper brands.

TILTING ANGLE: Sticking out 3 inches to the wall, a perfect pivoting angel to help view your for both standing and seated use.

HARDWARE REPLACEMENT ELEGIBLE: This stunning small oval swivel vanity mirror iseligible for hardware pack and eligible for hardware replacement. All mirrors comes with template, brackets, anchors & screws, ball finals. All in all, you are ready to hang this mirror with everything included.

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