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Portable Fitness Exercise Spinning and Stationary Chrome Dance 45mm

Portable Fitness Exercise Spinning and Stationary Chrome Dance 45mm

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Keep fit and burn calories through the exiting world of fitness dancing exercise in your own home. Use x dance for fun exercise 10 minutes daily. No ceiling fixtures required. Dual Function - Static or spinning (2 covered lock screws). Designed for maximum stability and smoothness. Double width support dome covers 2 standard ceiling joists. No drilling holes in the ceiling. Sturdy durable solid tubular steel finished in chrome. Dome and base finished with silicone ring to protect both floor and ceiling. 250mm (9.8 inch) and 125mm (4.9 inch) extensions included. 4 separate height adjustments for different ceiling heights. Height is adjustable from 7'ft. 4" inches to 9'ft. x Dance Diameter 45mm (1.7 inch) Maximum weight limit: 250 lbs. Installation DVD included. Product Weight: 35 lbs.

Adjustable height ranges from 88 inch to 108 inch

Two dance functions in one - static or spinning

Durable sturdy dance made of chrome steel

Easy to assemble and disassemble in minutes. No ceiling or floor fixtures, screws or bolts required. Manual and Installation DVD included.

Perfect dance for in-home use

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