10 Exciting T-Rex Coloring Pages for Kids

10 Exciting T-Rex Coloring Pages for Kids

Is your kiddo obsessed with dinosaurs? These T-Rex coloring pages for kids are the perfect activity for them, especially if they already love dinos. They’ll be busy for hours! Keep scrolling to find our favorite T-Rex printable coloring pages.

Who wouldn't want this T-Rex mask from Supercoloring.com

You can't go wrong with a connect-the-dots activity from Education.com

Try out this T-Rex coloring sheet from bestcoloringpagesforkids.com for the dino-lover in your family.

Check out this Tarbosaurus and Pteranodon coloring sheet from Supercoloring.com!

This T-Rex coloring sheet for kids from Education.com doubles as a connect-the-dots activity and a fun coloring sheet!

For the kiddos who love coloring in all of those details, find this one at Bestcoloringpagesforkids.com.

This T-Rex coloring sheet is not as difficult so younger kiddos can join in too. Find it at Supercoloring.com.

This T-Rex looks like it jumped out of Jurassic Park! Find it at Getcoloringpages.com.

Your kids will love how silly this coloring page is! Get it from Supercoloring.com.

Get this cute T-Rex coloring page from Education.com


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