11 enchanting unicorn coloring pages for kids

11 enchanting unicorn coloring pages for kids

No creature encompasses magic and imaginative storytelling quite like unicorns. If your child loves unicorns, and you’re looking for fun unicorn-themed activities aside from dress-up and playtime, how about tossing unicorn coloring pages into the mix? This brain-boosting activity gently prompts children’s imagination to take charge while simultaneously exercising their fine motor skills. 

Another reason coloring is such a great tool is that it can be both a bonding activity—whether your child is spending time with you, another relative, or their friend—and a way to encourage independent play. In case of the first scenario, your kid will also learn the importance of sharing and communicating. A solo art project, however, will give your kid the opportunity to practice self-expression with the help of their favorite magical, horned animal. 

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Let’s just cut to the chase: Coloring is an amazing hack to cutting down on screen time (when is that not a challenge). Embrace the magical world of unicorns, rainbows, and fairies with these adorable (and free!) unicorn coloring pages. Just click on each illustration’s name, download, and check out the printable unicorn coloring pages that are all free.

Baby Cartoon Unicorn Coloring Page

This baby unicorn sheet has minor details and big shapes, making it a great art activity for younger artists.

Unicorn Coloring Page

Help your toddler bring this unicorn coloring page to life with vibrant pinks, purples, yellows, blues, and other happy colors.

Fairy and Unicorn Coloring Page

This animated illustration features a fairy riding an unicorn into the abyss, and is sure to spark your child’s imagination. Download it for free at Super Coloring.

Unicorn With Stars Coloring Page

Recommended for toddler-aged artists, this free, printable coloring page features an adorable unicorn surrounded by twinkling stars. Perhaps, it’ll inspire your child to sing a certain song? Twinkle twinkle little

Winged Unicorn and Rainbow Coloring Page

This whimsical coloring sheet details a strong, beautiful unicorn flying among the rainbows and fairies. Find this one for free at Super Coloring as well.

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Unicorn in Space Coloring Page

You know what they say: Unicorns in space do have more fun. Okay, maybe that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but your child will have a lot of fun coloring this unicorn blasting off into space. 

Unicorn, Rainbow & Castle Coloring Page

Available for free on Crayola, this enchanting illustration features a fairy unicorn, a rainbow, and a giant princess castle. Suitable for artists over the age of three. 

Unicorn Horn and Ears Coloring Page

On this activity page, your toddler gets to color in a unicorn horn and ears adorned in ornate flowers. Print it for free at Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

“You Are Magical” Unicorn Coloring Page

Unicorns are magical creatures that are often brought to life by animated and vivid storytelling. This depiction of an unicorn and a moon gives your child the opportunity to do exactly so. 

Girl and Unicorn Hugging Coloring Page

Unicorns are a girl’s best friend. At least, in this heartwarming illustration they are. If your little girl is an avid fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or The Fairy Princess and the Unicorn, they’ll absolutely love this coloring page.

Geometric Unicorn Coloring Page

This intricate unicorn coloring sheet can be downloaded for free via Homemade Gifts Made Easy. The unicorn head drawing has a geometric theme, showcasing a wide array of different shapes, swirls, and line patterns. The fine details make it an excellent art project for ages six and up.

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