14 ways to Stress-Free Summer Break

14 ways to Stress-Free Summer Break

Summer break is here! That’s what the children have been waiting for. But for moms the story is quite different! You have to work out a plan how to keep those little hands and minds busy and at the same time have a stress-free break. But here is help to preserve your preserve your sanity without spending a dime:

1. Stick to a schedule: Children thrive on routine and that’s exactly why you need a routine. When your children know what to expect, they are less a trouble.

2. Have a practical, doable list of summer activities that you can really follow. Make a list that suits your child and not necessarily what you would want them to do.

summer break

3. Assign one indoor and one outdoor activity for each day. Don’t stress too much…one is really enough if you do it properly.

4. Head outdoors: We know it is better said than done but kids also need to go out (much like you do). Let them run, jump and hop. They burn more calories, get tired and sleep early.

5. Designate ‘MOM Time’ to the part of the day you feel most tired. Explain to your child that she is welcome to rest (read nap) with mama and if not she must NOT disturb you else you will cancel her favorite activity. Trust me, it really works. I do it with my kid every single day. Make sure you offer noise free toys to your lo during ‘MOM Time’.

6. Make a boredom corner where in your lo can go when he/she feels bored. Keep old toys and books which they have long forgotten. A coloring book, play-dough, dot-to-dot activities are often the greatest boredom busters, as children just need a suggestion on what to do when bored.

Independent play

7. Sign up for some fun summer class which you child enjoys. But, just don’t enroll in one for the heck of it.

8. Let them be bored or on their own for at least 30-50minutes everyday. It is not so bad to be bored. In fact, research has proven interesting benefits of boredom

9. Maintain the sanity of sleeping routine as this helps little ones stay afloat. A tired, sleep deprived preschooler is not what you want.

10. Do not fret what other children are doing/learning. Every child is different and don’t take summer break as an opportunity to bring out the genius in your child. Remember, you too were a child once!

11. Try to engage children in daily chores. They not only imparts essential Life skills but also fuel their self esteem. Get them a clean duster, a new mop and let them help. And do not forget to appreciate them.

chores for kids

12. Allow some screen time: It is not all bad if within a limit like 20minutes or so. Let your children watch their fave cartoon or animal planet if that interests them.

13. Designate time for music and dance: this is one activity that requires least effort and is always a hit with children. Play on some dancing tracks and let them groove.

Read aloud

14. Make a Reading List: Keep your children’s books accessible. Do they have a good collection of STEM books?For younger children who still cannot read, audio books are great.

and here is the one more…

15. Build a science lab for them — or if they already have one, stock it up with new supplies. Make sure they stay away from inflammable stuff in the summer though!

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