6 Creative Hobbies to Make the Most of Being Stuck Inside This Winter

6 Creative Hobbies to Make the Most of Being Stuck Inside This Winter

Being cooped up in the house during the winter months usually has us feeling restless, confined, and impatient for warm weather to make its eagerly-awaited return. True as this may be, making the most of winter is the best way to get through it. Even when it’s -10 degrees, the wind is whipping, and ice is covering every surface, it is possible to enjoy the winter season—and I don’t mean by mindlessly blowing through your Netflix queue while buried under a pile of blankets, peppermint hot chocolate in hand.

To make this winter fly by, check out these creative hobbies that will help you beat boredom and get in touch with your artistic side. In fact, some of these hobbies may even stir up some nostalgia for your crafting days as a kid—where are my early-2000s beading and scrapbooking aficionados at? Regardless of what you choose, any of these creative hobbies will keep you cozy, entertained, and—dare we say it—happy to be inside for months on end.


Take Up Embroidery

While you may associate needlework with your beloved grandma, creative hobbies like embroidery are making a huge comeback, especially in the fashion realm. Keep it classic with embroidery hoop creations, or delve into hand embroidery to give your clothing a unique pop.


Where to start

To get stitching, you’ll need an embroidery hoop, embroidery floss, a needle, some fabric—quilting cotton or linen are good options—a pair of scissors, and a water-soluble marker. There are tons of beginner tutorials and guides on the internet, but this video in particular is super helpful and has the coziest vibe.

Etsy | TheCherryBlossomUS

Embroidery Kit for Beginners



Develop Your Photos & Start Scrapbooking

Remember back in the early 2000s when everyone had a digital camera and a scrapbook full of photos? Bring the hobby back this winter by developing your camera roll’s photos and designing artsy pages to house your priceless memories. Start by making a scrapbook for your photos from 2022, then keep going back by the year if this hobby brings you joy.


Where to start

In addition to photo prints, you’ll need scrapbook paper, a variety of stickers, tape or glue, markers, scissors, and a scrapbook, of course. Browse the aisles of your local hobby store for more bits and bobbles to include in your book, and check out the hashtag #scrapbooking on Instagram for ideas and inspiration.

Artifact Uprising

Scrapbook Album

4 colors available

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Scrapbook Bundle

4 colors available


Make Some Macramé Creations

Like embroidery, macramé has made a huge comeback in recent years. If you love a 70s-inspired bohemian moment, macramé is one of the best creative hobbies you can try this winter. Plus, there are so many different design options to suit your style. Go with the classic off-white macramé cord or get funky with colorful woven designs.


Where to start

For your first weaving session, you’ll need cotton rope, a wood dowel rod, scissors, and a measuring tape. Once you’ve acquired your materials, pull up a YouTube tutorial on macramé for beginners to learn the basic knots and overall process—this one is super easy to follow.



Try Your Hand at Candle Pouring

If you’re super into scents and aromatherapy, candle-making could be right up your alley. Joining your girlfriends for a candle-pouring date at a shop like Penn & Beech is great, but why not take up the hobby at home for a fraction of the price? Plus, by starting your own at-home candle pouring practice, you’ll be able to fully customize your scents and candle receptacles rather than being restricted to what’s available at a guided experience location.


Where to start

To get pouring, you’ll need candle wax, fragrance oils, heat-safe containers (glass, ceramic, or tin), cotton or wood wicks, a thermometer, a double broiler, a silicon spoon, scissors, clothespins, and parchment paper. Similar to embroidery, there are a ton of guides and tutorials available online—we like this one.

Etsy | RevivalHomestead

DIY Candle Making Kit


Relax With an Adult Coloring Book

Embrace your inner child by sitting down with an adult coloring book this winter. This therapeutic activity will not only get your creative juices flowing, but it’ll also allow you to multitask. For example, you can meditate, listen to music or a podcast, or watch TV or YouTube at the same time.


Where to start

There are so many fun coloring books for adults available online—a simple Google search will bring up hundreds of options. We’re big fans of Vogue’s fashion coloring books, as well as ones focused on plants, interior design, and cityscapes. You’ll also need colored pencils, crayons, markers, or a combination of the three.


Revisit Your Jewelry-Making Roots

Another nostalgic hobby from childhood that’s equally fun to revisit as an adult? Jewelry making. Thanks to the Y2K fashion revival, the bead kits of the early aughts are back in style. You can truly go back to your roots with a kids’ kit (have you seen the necklaces Urban Outfitters is selling?) or elevate your bead-making game with a kit that’s a bit more modern.


Where to start

Purchase a jewelry-making kit of your choosing, be it a 2000s-esque design or a more modern version. Once it arrives at your doorstep, you’ll have everything you need to get started!

Etsy | beadsincorporated

Stretchy Bracelet Making Kit



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